Build stronger, more enduring relationships with your clients for increased referrals.


With the LD Retention Program, you will feel secure knowing that our specialists, who are highly skilled at Customer Value Optimization (CVO), will build greater relationships between your brand and your clients.


It’s the same system Starbucks and McDonald’s have used to corner the coffee and hamburger markets.  It’s the same system Amazon uses to dominate ecommerce.  It’s how Best Buy, Beach Body (selling workouts like P90X) and Sports Illustrated have become household names.


This system works for everyone!


There is little profit in understanding, for example, Pinterest advertising or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in and of itself.  There is enormous profit in understanding how to apply these traffic strategies to the CVO process.


We utilize the CVO process as templated by


It is a program that we have customized specifically local small business owners, from Gilbert to Phoenix and Flagstaff, and which has provided enormous success for our clients.


Basically, it looks like this…


Step 1 – Offer Additional Value


They’ve been through your doors before and have engaged with your staff. Provide additional value in the form of education, information and specific Lead Magnets – additional value at no additional cost. Give them additional reasons to trust your expertise.


Step 2 – Remarketing


With Facebook Retargeting, Linwright Design will make absolutely sure that your business is always the first place a customer will turn for industry-specific advice.


Step 3 – Immediate Engagement


Facebook users, especially in Gilbert, Arizona, expect immediate responses in this digital age, and that’s exactly what we provide. Linwright Design is on hand 24/7, every day of the week. Every comment, inquiry or review is responded to with immediacy to increase transparency and build trust. Your business is available to customers and potential customers at all times via social media.


Step 4 – Follow-Up


Never lose a lead or ignore a potential client. The LD Follow-Up Series make absolutely sure that you take advantage of every opportunity to turn a Facebook User into a long-term customer.


This process might seem involved and unnecessary, but it will lower acquisition costs and increase Return On Investment at a rate greater than any other system we’ve used. This is the tried and true program to build relationships with clients and increase referrals.

Are you ready to get started…