About Linwright Design

Linwright Design, LLC was established in 2008…which, in social media years, multiplying by 7, is an eternity.

Technically, I’m a Digital Marketing Engineer….


TRUST – That’s what it’s all about. 

If you don’t trust me, as a person, you won’t trust that I will deliver on my promise to increase your business revenue.

If you do trust me, deep down in your gut, you believe in my strategies for success…not because you understand them…because you trust that I know what I’m talking about.

People buy from you because they trust you will deliver on your promise to provide outstanding products or a solution to their problem…but they’re not buying your products or services…

They’re buying you.

People don’t buy Starbucks because they like the taste of Starbucks coffee…unless it’s the Iced Caramel Machiatto (the most popular Starbucks drink in the state of Arizona). They buy Starbucks because they’re buying into a brand.

I’ve heard Gilbert residents say that maybe Bergie’s isn’t their favorite coffee, but they will always buy Bergie’s because of Brian and his awesome family. They are buying Brian Bergeson, they aren’t necessarily buying Bergie’s coffee.

I can’t guarantee that this About Page will make you trust me.

Follow me on Facebook, or Periscope, for a while. Decide if you trust me or not.

I can guarantee that I have more experience, more ingenuity and more hustle than anyone you’re paying to sell your business right now.

In fact, hustle, honesty, innovation and small-town work ethics are what brought me to create Linwright Design…

My  Story

I’ll be honest with you, when I left the 9-to-5 grind and established Linwright Design, I was chasing the same dream you are…or were:


  • Independence
  • Less Work and More Time With Family
  • Vacations Whenever You Choose
  • Control of Your Financial Future


But, inevitably, things get complicated and you tend to lose sight of that initial dream.


In 2008 I was working as a digital marketing assistant in a debt recovery firm out of Phoenix. It was deplorable work, it really was…shady and against my better judgement…but I learned a great deal because I spent my time testing marketing strategies and building websites.


I also spent my time, thanks to my more out-of-the-box digital marketing ideas, frustrated with the digital marketing manager and, what I liked to call, a lack of imagination.


It was at the end of 2008 that I created Linwright Design, LLC, with the strong desire to give Gilbert small business owners innovative, valuable marketing services with locally-inspired strategies.


In 2009, I began taking on clients for Linwright Design, LLC, and bid farewell to the 9-5. I started networking with great organizations like the Gilbert Small Business Association and started making connections.


I tell you what, it was an exciting time for me, my family and the future of the business. The sky was the limit! I had a talent for writing (from birth, literally), a passion for social media, and a great love of this small town that I have spent most of my life in.


Life was perfect!


It was in that same year that I got married, bought a home, and picked up Val Vista Lakes Events, Capital Mark Interiors, and EraseDisease.com as the first Linwright Design clients!


I think it’s important to note, and it’s important for me to always remember, that these three clients are still with me today…

…over 5 years later!

In 2010, I was contacted by a medical marketing startup, and because of my time kicking some butt for The Pain Center of Arizona as their freelance Social Media and Content Director, Quaintise (the healthcare marketing startup) contracted my services…and all of my time.


To my own great regret, my aspirations to build Linwright Design, LLC into the single, most respected, go-to digital marketing resource for Gilbert small businesses had to be placed on hold while I helped Quaintise grow and entice new clients.


In 2011, my first son was born, a few different Linwright Design clients came and went, and my knowledge of Social Media Marketing, particularly Facebook Advertising, expanded.


While much of my work at Quaintise remains under lock and key until January 2017 (privacy agreements), you can visit the Quaintise website and find the Case Studies for a few contracts…


…as well as a few others that you can find on the Portfolio Page.


While I never truly saw eye-to-eye with Raquel, owner of Quaintise, LLC, on many marketing strategies…


…again, my imagination and digital marketing ingenuity grew far beyond many agency budgets…


…I learned more as a freelancer for Quaintise than I ever could have imagined, simply because I dedicated myself to becoming an essential, even indispensable, part of the organization. I needed every Quaintise client to blow the competition out of the water, and I had the strategies and ideas to make that happen.


And, in many instances and for many clients, we did make that happen.


So, while I put Linwright Design on the shelf in order to help this healthcare marketing startup make a name for themselves, I developed an insane amount of knowledge regarding specifically:


  • Facebook Advertising including Retargeting, Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Facebook Engagement
  • Driving Traffic from Social Media to Client Websites
  • Improving Client-Agency Relationships by Understanding and Meeting Client Needs and Effectively Explaining Strategies and Digital Processes
  • Writing Killer Copy


In January of 2015, the marketing disagreements polluted my agreements with Quaintise, and I walked away…


…to take a year to assess where I was, evaluate what I had learned, lick my wounds (so to speak), discover even more valuable digital marketing strategies, dive deeper into Facebook Advertising and Engagement, gain a better understanding of my mistakes, and completely reimagine what Linwright Design, LLC was, and is, going to be.


Here we are, 2016, and I can genuinely say that:


Linwright Design gives Gilbert small business owners the opportunity to increase revenue with personalized, innovative digital marketing strategies.