Photos resonate with an audience. In fact, if you’re a photographer, you are already ahead of the game in terms of social media marketing.

If you’re not a photographer, don’t let that get you down!

While photographers have a remarkable craft (if you can afford one for your business, hire one), there are a multitude of tips, tricks and strategies that you can use to reap amazing benefits and profit from your own photos….taken right from your mobile device.

I’m not joking. Photos do tell a thousand words, and when used properly to promote a brand, sell a product or a service, they can be your most powerful tool.

Today, I want to talk about one photo strategy that will dramatically increase the amount of Likes, Comments and Shares you see on your Facebook Page…

It’s all about giving the customer a reason to buy.

Desired Outcome Photos

I have a framed piece of artwork in my office that reads…

“Logic is not enough. Give them a reason to believe.”

Honestly, I have no idea where that quote came from. The point is that you can share statistics, research and clinical studies until you’re red in the face…it won’t matter.

You can tell a customer that your product will soothe aching muscles or secure their financial future…it won’t phase them.

On Facebook, and with digital marketing, no matter what industry you’re in…self-employed or small business…you have to give your audience a reason to believe in you.

There are a variety of strategies that accomplish that goal. Today, however, it’s all about the desired outcome photo post.

Let me give you some examples…

This is a product post. To be honest, it’s boring. It serves the purpose of promoting a new product…the Mint Chocolate Shake…but it is a product on a page and that’s it.

facebook photo posts that sell

Simple product images like this seem to be the Go To, and in this one they’ve even added that sense of urgency with “Limited Supply.” But it’s a boring product announcement.

Here’s why it doesn’t work:

  • It’s boring, but I think I said that already.
  • There’s no connection with the audience, no human connection, no emotion.
  • There’s nothing exciting about the look, the visuality of this product.
  • No unique angle…in fact there’s nothing unique about this image.

Showing the desired outcome of this product would be far more effective, and would involve:

  • Showing a family in the kitchen making this mint shake on their way to the gym…happy, smiling and healthy (desired outcome).
  • Illustrating the lifestyle that someone who drinks this shake might want to live during our particular season…perhaps relaxing on the beach with a refreshing mint shake, or on the lake in the boat with that mint shake, using the color green subtly throughout the visual to convey that mint theme.

Remember, the desired outcome is the ‘reason to believe’ in you and your products.

A desired outcome photo might look like this:

selling with facebook photos

Now this is an image posted from the same Facebook Page, but you can see that it illustrates the desired outcome of their products. This illustrates a desired lifestyle that the customer wants…yearns for…desires.

In this second example, Isagenix doesn’t mention a product, doesn’t mention FDA facts or clinical logic. It’s simple, clean, beautiful, and a lifestyle that resonates with the Isagenix audience.

Let’s move on to our third example of a product Facebook post:

selling with facebook photos

I actually LOVE this Facebook post from Young Living Essential Oils for one reason…I bet you can’t guess what that is…

This visual shows the desired outcome of the product, AND the product itself, AND some text giving words to believe in.

Young Living does a great job with the visuals on their page, and this is just an example…a beautiful and highly effective example…of their work.

This photo combines the following:

  • The woman is probably Young Living’s ideal demographic, so the customer will instantly relate to the photo
  • The woman is sitting calmly, relaxed, looking almost zen-like with the ocean as the backdrop, illustrating the desired effects of the product as well as gives you that lifestyle glimpse..that glimpse into what your life can be with this product.
  • The product is in the photo!! They’ve done a great job of including the product in the photo so that you can see what you’ll be purchasing.
  • They also do a wonderful job of giving some text, some words to the desired outcome.


I want you to think beyond the product photos for your Facebook page. I want you to think beyond selling a specific service.

Of course, you’re selling products and services, but what you’re really selling is the outcome of those products and services.

A person doesn’t buy a saw because they just want to cut a branch. That person buys the saw because he needs firewood. That person buys the saw because he needs to make space for a treehouse.

A person doesn’t buy a hammer because he needs to smack some nails. That person buys the hammer because she’s building a the treehouse.

When you’re selling a product, this specific desired outcome strategy involves tossing out the logic that you need the hammer to build the treehouse, and focusing on the smiling family spending bonding time together as they build the treehouse.

Hopefully that makes sense…if not, hit me up in our Facebook Group: Gilbert Marketing Insiders