Every small business owner that I’ve met throughout the years here in Gilbert, and, to be honest, all over the East Valley, is…well, afraid of Facebook’s News Feed. It’s not so much fear that drives you away from taking full advantage of Facebook, but the staggering complexity.

“I don’t get it.”

“I don’t have time to figure it out.”

“It’s way to complicated.”

When I hear a small business owner use these terms, I’m hearing fear…I’m hearing reluctance to try something ‘new’….

I’m hearing expectation of failure

I’m hearing the inability to step outside of your comfort zone.

What if I told you that you had to go to a Gilbert networking event every single day of the week, spend money on gas for your 10 to 15-mile trip to the event, spend money on food at the event, spend at least an hour at the event, meet and greet every person at these events and schedule sit-downs with them, and do that sometimes twice a day for about three months…probably more.

Would you be overwhelmed?

Would you feel that you didn’t have the time, or the energy for that matter?

Would you have high, or low expectations, for generating enough revenue to make all that travel, gas, food, and time worth it?

Look, I’m all for networking events. There is nothing quite like building relationship face-to-face, in person. But with that said, can you see the comparison between the two examples?

Whatever route you choose to go down…whichever marketing tactic you choose to use…it’s going to be work. You’re going to have to hustle.

And just because you’re comfortable with one specific form of marketing (aka: networking), doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you.

But I will tell you this:

When you master Facebook Marketing, you will save more time, get more of your day back, even be able to automate certain strategies…all while sales increase, appointments increase and business grows.

This is the only medium…

THE ONLY MEDIUM, that I know of, that works in this way.

Today I want to talk to you about taking advantage of Facebook to build your sales, increase your appointments and ultimately boost your bottom line. I’m going to show you how the News Feed works, because once you understand how you can get your products in front of buyers, your whole business will change.

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The News Feed

Yes, the News Feed is complex. But, you have a HUGE advantage over big brands, and, in reality, over your competition.

You have a HUGE advantage over big brands because your audience is right here, in Gilbert, and is far more inclined to engage with a local business.

You have a HUGE advantage over your competition because you are about to get a free training lesson and learn some powerful information that puts you ahead of the pack.


Every single Facebook Post is given a rating, a score: RELEVANCE SCORE.

Every single person on Facebook has a relationship with every single Post: PERSONAL RELEVANCE SCORE.

The Personal Relevance Score is based on these 4 powerful, keys:

  1. Who Wrote It
  2. When It Was Written
  3. What Type of Post It Is
  4. Interactions With That Post

Who Wrote It: An individual’s relationship with a brand is the greatest factor…the greatest influence on whether your Facebook Posts will show up in their News Feed. If they like your posts often, if they click on your links, if they frequently engage with your posts, that Personal Relevance Score goes up.

When It Was Written: This is the least important factor, but still relevant. A post from your page that was published today will have a higher Personal Relevance Score.

What Type of Post It Is: If an individual clicks on more photo posts, any photo post from your page will have a higher Personal Relevance Score. If an individual engages with more video posts, any video post from your page will have a higher Personal Relevance Score.

(Insider Tip: Wondering what types of posts fascinate your audience? Facebook tells you! You don’t have to guess when it comes to ‘What Type of Post’ will get your brand into the News Feed. Here’s how:

Go To Your Facebook Page -> Click on Insights -> Click on Posts -> Click on Post Types


This is where you’ll find the Type of Post that will get you on the News Feed.)

Interactions With The Post: If an individual’s friends engage with your Facebook post, that individual’s Personal Relevance Score increase. If there is a high amount of Fans interacting and engaging with your post, it is much more likely to show higher in the News Feed.

Have you visited ArizonaLearnsMarketing.com yet? In that Gilbert and Arizona training group, I posted a video explaining exactly how this Relevance Score works within the Facebook News Feed. If you haven’t joined our free group yet, here’s that explainer video within the group (click the video watch and join us)….


I invite you to join our free training group. If you run into any questions regarding Relevance Score and the News Feed, you can find answers in our group!

How You Can Influence All 4 Key Elements

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are multiple other factors that go in to how Facebook places your Post into the News Feed. BUT, these top 4 key elements are where everything starts.

And so, this is where we start. This is where you learn how to influence those 4 key elements and vastly improve your odds of landing high in the News Feed…

Of getting more eyes, more buyers and greater profit from Facebook.

Who Wrote It

You can influence the Who Wrote It element by building value with your Facebook Fans. Build value with your Fans by giving them what they want…

  • Post insider photos of your business. Post behind the scenes photos. Post photos of amazing employees or awesome customers.
  • Post information for the uses of your products or services. Add value by providing How-To videos or photos of customers using your products.
  • Post local events and happenings, even if they aren’t directly related to your business. In Gilbert, we particularly love our service members, firefighters, and Downtown. If you can post about related events or trending topics, you will build trust with your Fans.
  • Have a great cover photo and profile pic.
  • Have all of your information filled out in terms of the About Section on your page.

Want more information on How To Provide Value? Click Here

When It Was Written

Post to your Facebook Page every single day. If you have to schedule posts to go live over the weekends or holidays, do it. Consistency is a key element! If it suits your audience, post multiple times a day.

Want more information on When to Post on Facebook? Click here

What Type of Post It Is

Use the insider tip provided above to determine the exact type of post the resonates with your audience. Post different types…photos, text-only, videos, links…to test and experiment with your audience. You’ll never know what type of post resonates best with your audience if you don’t mix it up and experiment.

Interactions With The Post

You want engagement. Engagement with your posts will make or break your success on Facebook.

Interactions With The Post is directly related to Who Posted It. These two elements go hand-in-hand, because if your Facebook Fans are engaged with your page, your posts will have a high Personal Relevance Score related to those Fans.

So, ask questions on your page. Provide information your Fans want to know. Have fun with it!

Want to learn more about getting more engagement? Click here


This is the beginning…this is where it all starts.

If you fail to understand how the News Feed works, you will not succeed at making money off of Facebook.

I implore you to lock this down. Understand the News Feed!

Get this, and everything else will make sense.

Get this, and you WILL start making money off of Facebook!

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