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Today, we’re talking about Facebook Security and Privacy Settings.

Why do you need to worry about these settings? Because I want you to feel confident in your ability to use Facebook to grow your business. I want you to feel secure online and protected on Facebook.

I want you to understand how powerful Facebook can be, as well as how much control Facebook gives you over your own security and the reputation of your business.

Protecting yourself online is imperative, but so is protecting your brand and the reputation of your business…and it all ties together.

Before we dive into securing your Facebook Page, I want you to understand the importance of keeping business and personal separate.

Using Your Facebook Account for Business and Personal

Every small business owner should have their Facebook page secured so that it can be used for both business and personal reasons.

Consumers and customers, particularly those loyal clients who become family, want to connect with you on Facebook. They want that ‘personal’ friendship that goes beyond the professional.

They want to feel like they are getting special treatment…the best treatment.

You need to give them that transparency….within reason.

In Quick Video Tip #1 (within our private Facebook Group), I showed you how to secure the privacy of your Facebook posts. Specifically, we reviewed how to add Facebook contacts to lists, and how to show certain messages to certain lists of contacts.

This allows you to connect with clients and customers on that personal level, to give that illusion of complete transparency, but to also keep things private.

Remember, one of your greatest assets as a small business owner, besides your tenacity and…well, stubbornness…is that personal connection with clients.

You are your brand, and building client relationships directly impacts the success of your business.

So, what do you post to your personal Facebook page to give that illusion of complete transparency…on a personal level?

  • Open House: If your business will be holding an open house, will be at an event or will be hosting a client appreciation party, post it to your personal Facebook page. Make sure that your customer list sees it.
  • New Staff: If you’re a small business owner, even if you’re self-employed, hiring a new staff and assistance is a big deal, and it’s something that you can talk about on your personal page. Of course this will be posted to your business page, but those clients who want that ‘special’ insight into your business will expect a personal touch…a personal opinion on the new hire.
  • Trending Topics: If your business is related in any way to a trending topic, this is something you’ll want to add your personal twist on and post to your page.


Securing Your Facebook Page

If you are a member of our Gilbert Marketing Insiders group on Facebook, you now know how to categorize your contacts and publish to specific contact lists.

But here’s what you need to know about the information you provide on that Facebook page:

About You

The About Section on your personal Facebook Page contains everything that the public will see if you don’t have your security settings locked down. This is where you can run into a bit of trouble.

In your About tab, you’ll want all of your business information…and that’s about it.

To edit the information in this tab, click on About and simply hover over the sections you want to edit.

facebook security settings


So, you’ll want your business website information under Places You’ve Worked. 

Under Places You’ve Lived, keep it private. You don’t need everyone on Facebook, and everyone who is searching for you online, to see everywhere that you have lived. Sure, this information can easily be found from other sources…just keep it off of Facebook for security reasons.

Your Contact Information should be business related only. The people who know you on that personal level should already have your phone number and personal email anyways, so don’t make it public. I do suggest adding your work email, though.

Never, ever add your home address or home phone number.

Family and Relationships should also be kept private. A complete stranger doesn’t need to know your family, kids or partner information.

Friends Privacy

One more quick tip about securing your personal Facebook page…

Go to your Friends on your personal page.

Click on the Manage Icon…it looks like a little pen in the upper right.

Change all of these privacy settings to “Only Me.” There is no reason that complete strangers should be able to see who your Facebook Friends are.


There you have it! Between the Quick Video Tips on our Private Facebook Group, our Live FB Chats, and this blog, you have ALL of the tools necessary to feel secure on Facebook.

This is the first step to independent success with digital marketing…feeling confident in your security on social media.

Remember to join our private Facebook Group to follow along with our free training series, and listen to the podcast where I provide more insight into Facebook Security.