Mother’s Day Marketing: Retargeting Last Year’s Customers on Facebook

Facebook is a relationship-building juggernaut…if you use it correctly.

Yes, absolutely, Facebook is perfect for finding new customers and driving them to your website. It’s what I pride my business on:

I deliver to you the consumers most likely to buy your products and use your services.

But, Facebook was initially meant ot be a relationship-building tool. A free one. And one that works quite amazingly for situations like these…

Mother’s Day retargeting.

Before I jump into how you can retarget your biggest spenders from last Mother’s Day, I want to make sure that you know what retargeting is.

What is Retargeting?

Have you ever been on searching for that perfect birthday present for your nephew? Or perhaps you browsed Amazon looking for a new summer dress?

Hours, even days later, you find yourself staring at that same present, or summer dress, on Facebook!

You wonder, “How did Amazon find me on Facebook?” Or, “How did Target know to show me that exact item in my Facebook News Feed?”

That is called retargeting, and it’s making people a bunch of money.

But, retargeting is not just for Amazon and Target, it’s for every business owner, small and large, on Facebook. You, the small business owner trying to boost Mother’s Day sales, has the same opportunity as Target and Amazon, to retarget your customers and potential customers.  

How to Retarget Previous Buyers

Do you have a subscriber list? Do you collect digital information from your buyers? Does your online store collect their digital information and create buyer lists?

In this digital age, I’m truly hoping that you answered yes to at least one of those questions.

If you answered no, if nothing else, you need to start collecting emails immediately.

But, for those who answered yes, I’m going to show you how to retarget those buyers…grabbing their attention so that they buy from you again this Mother’s Day…just as they did last Mother’s Day.

This is a crucial element of marketing in 2016. If you did well last Mother’s Day, this will make sure you do even better this Mother’s Day.

Retargeting will literally give you the ability to get your products, your brands in front of the very people who are most likely to buy from you…because they’ve purchased from you in the past!

Maybe they just forgot about your little store on the corner. Maybe they misplaced your website URL. Maybe life got crazy over the past year since last Mother’s Day and they can’t remember what or where they got their flower arrangement from.

All they remember is that it was beautiful.

It’s your job to remind them that you still exist.

Step 1: Find Your Buyer List

The first thing that you need to do is put your buyers into a list…an Excel sheet to be exact.

This is how you’ll tell Facebook where to find your customers.

The Excel sheet needs no more than their names and email addresses, which you should have.

Step 2: Show Facebook

Next, upload the list of customers to Facebook.


Facebook will take this information and instantly find every single person on your customer list who has a Facebook profile. If they have purchased from you in the past and are on your list, Facebook will find them for you.

What is remarkable about this list is that Facebook not only knows where these people are within their platform, Facebook also knows everything about them. So, in the future, when you’d like to run advertising towards consumers most likely to buy your products…Facebook can use your customer list to find similar customers. Amazing right!!!

Step 3: What Do You Want to Say

Now that Facebook knows who your customers are, you need to determine what you want to say to them.

If this customer list is of buyers from last Mother’s Day, remind them that they purchased from you and encourage them to do it again with an incentive…a coupon or discount.

If this customer list is of all-time buyers, thank them for their commitment to shop local and offer an incentive for them to continue to shop local…a coupon or discount.

Step 4: Choose an Image

Choosing an image is just as important, if not more so, than deciding on what to say. My suggestion is to use something that directly relates to the incentive or discount…

Or use something that these buyers will recognize. If you’re the face of your brand, use an image of yourself with a product. If you’re not camera shy, make a short video reintroducing your brand to the buyer.

Step 5: Create the Retargeting Ad

Here’s where it gets a bit more technical…actually creating the Facebook Retargeting Ad…but we’ll walk through it together.

Please call me at 480-254-0145 or email me directly at for a FREE consultation on how to set up Facebook Retargeting. Let’s get together soon, before you miss this amazing opportunity to retarget your most likely buyers!!

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