5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Are Failing

You Boost a post, or attempt to run an ad for Website Clicks, and expect something magical to happen…we all do. Even me, someone who has been running Facebook Ads for quite some time, expects magic.

We all expect to toss in $20 or $50 bucks and the clicks will stream in, and the sales will skyrocket, and the vacation planning will begin.

Inevitably, magic very rarely occurs. Luck plays no part in Facebook Advertising, and, unfortunately, luck is what most small business owners hope for when launching ads.

What you don’t realize is that Facebook, just like Google, takes hundred of details into account when processing your ad…not just the ad itself.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common reasons why your Facebook Ad might be running at over $2 per Click, or might be seeing a Click Through Rate of under 2%….

Let’s take a look at why Facebook is steamrolling your advertising efforts:

You’re Doing It Wrong


Reason Number One – Your Page is Boring

You post to Facebook daily. You make sure to share articles that you find interesting, memes that make you laugh, maybe a blog you once wrote…

But, no one is engaging with your posts.

Why does this matter? If no one is engaging with your Facebook page, it’s assumed that your page is…well…boring. And thus, Facebook will charge you more in ad costs and limit your advertising.

Why would Facebook care if your page is boring? Because Facebook’s main objective is to keep people on it’s platform…and to keep them engaged on their platform. If your business is not engaging it’s audience, if your posts are boring people off of Facebook….

Well, obviously Facebook doesn’t want that. So it will increase your advertising costs and restrict your reach.

The Fix: Run Boosted Posts and posts to specifically engage your audience ON FACEBOOK. Show Facebook that your audience is excited about what you have to say. If your audience is highly engaged, you’ll have cheaper ad costs.

Don’t know how to Boost a post? No problem, I have a blog for that! Check out Why You Should Never Boost a Post on Facebook!


Reason Number Two – Your Website is Spam

Does your website have Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages? If not, Facebook could be charging your for it.

Does your website have an About Page, a Contact Form or a fresh blog? If not, Facebook could be charging you for it.

Example Facebook Page (15,000 Fans) Riddled With Spam:

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 7.31.11 AM

Example of Ad Costs:

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 7.33.20 AM

The difference between $0.22 per Website Click and $2.22 per Website Click lies within how well your website is constructed. Facebook will not willingly send traffic to a business website that is all about sales and sales only.

Facebook reps will visit your website to check the authenticity of it.

The Fix: Add a Disclaimer, a Privacy Policy and a Terms of Use page to your website. Be upfront and honest with your website visitors about your products and services. Have an About Page that is authentic, and a blog that is updated at the very least a few times a month.

Facebook Page Done Correctly (only 40 Fans so far):

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 7.34.50 AM

Reason Number Three – Your Fans are Fake

If you’ve ever…and I mean ever…bought and paid for Likes and Fans for your Facebook Business Page, you’re in trouble.

Buying Likes and Fans is strictly forbidden. It’s against what Facebook stands for, and it’s actually written into their guidelines.

And don’t think that you can get away with it. Facebook knows everything…seriously…they probably know what you had for breakfast based on your purchase history and past posts….but I digress.

If our not sure how to protect your page from Facebook spammers, check out this article I wrote a while back for Social Media Examiner: Got Fake Facebook Fans? How To Protect Your Facebook Page

If you’ve ever paid for Likes or Fans, your ads will stall or they will run for ridiculously high costs.

Fans from India, Indonesia and Bangladesh are spam. Sure, they might make your page look amazing in terms of numbers, especially because you can grab thousands of Likes for such a small amount of money, but it will kill your page for years..yes years…to come.

The Fix: Be patient. Adjust your page settings so that spam countries like Bangladesh and India do not see your posts. Then start running ads to increase engagement with U.S. Facebook users. Do Not run ads taking people off of Facebook…do not run ads directing people to your website. Only run ads to increase engagement.

If you have spam Fans on your page, you need to know exactly how to get rid of them. Check out this article I wrote a while back for Social Media Examiner: How To Remove Fake Facebook Fans.


Reason Number Four – Your Bidding Wrong

Running an ad on Facebook successfully takes a bit of skill. And, the thing is, that skill level is always changing as Facebook makes algorithm tweaks.

If you launch an ad today, and that ad is running for Website Clicks, you need to bid manually and you need to bid about $0.06 above what Facebook suggests.

It’s a simple trick, but it shows Facebook that you’re serious about your ad (placing a bid higher than suggested) and that you are invested in Facebook Marketing.

Additionally, you need to set your daily budget for $25 (don’t let your head explode, you won’t actually spend $25 a day), and you need to give Facebook roughly 48 to 72 hours to optimize the ad. If you see that the ad is running at $5 per Website click on the first day, it’s probably not a great sign…

BUT, you need to give it some time to optimize. Facebook will show it to the audience who is most likely to engage with that ad, and your costs will level out.

(Remember, Facebook’s objective is to keep people on Facebook…so they will show advertising to those segments of your targeted audience who are most likely to Like, Comment, Click or Share that ad.)


Reason Number Five – Your Ad Just Doesn’t Cut It

So, we’ve gone over how your Facebook Page Engagement impacts your ads…

How spam impacts your ads…

How your website itself impacts your ads….

And how bidding impacts your ads.

But, what if your ad just…well…stinks.

The copy that you use, the audience that you target and the image that you provide all play into how your ad will be charged. Words like joint, weight-loss, even sexy could be a problem. Images that have anything to do with body image could present a problem. Offering anything for FREE in advertising could present a problem.


In Conclusion

Running Facebook Ads is crucial to small business success. However, running ads all willy-nilly and hoping for the best will end up costing you far more money than you anticipated.

Having an expert on your team to develop effective Facebook Ads will not only save you time, it will save you on Ad costs.

(PS – looking for more reasons why your Facebook Ad might have been denied? Check this out: http://www.jonloomer.com/2015/03/10/facebook-ads-rejected-account-banned/)

Still having trouble with those ads? Give me a ring: 480-254-0145