The Small Business Blog Template That Makes Everything…Well…Easier

You have a blog. Yay!

You try to publish to that blog once a week. Yay!

You envision consumers flocking to that blog because…well, you wrote it and you are undoubtably an expert when it comes to your products, services and industry.

And yet, the traffic doesn’t come like you had hoped. The sales do not happen like you thought. You start to loose focus, and after just 4 weeks you cannot find the time to make blogging a priority.

I’ve been there. In fact, all business owners who attempt to capitalize on Content Marketing have been there.

Blogging, much like social media marketing, offers so much promise…but the reality can be so much let down.

Grab your free Small Business Blog Template (Simple) directly from my Google Drive account. Simply click on this link to see it instantly:

Don’t fret! I have the small business blog template that will not only help you connect and engage with your audience, it will get you excited about blogging again…seriously. I make it that easy and that effective!

The Small Business Blog Template

I’ll be the first to admit it; I was stubborn when it came to changing my writing style. I went to ASU to study journalism, interned with a few remarkable magazines and organizations, and had a writing style that was unique to my voice. I wan’t going to change it just because some blog-industry experts had discovered a more effective style…

But, inevitably, after spending nearly all of 2015 researching blog formatting and copywriting formulas, I came to the realization that I was…well…wrong. 

My writing style did have to change. I had to go from the educational, grammatically correct, ‘essay-type’ writing to something a bit more…


If you follow the Linwright Design blog, or any of my client blogs, you know what I’m talking about.

Writing a blog has evolved to the point of precision. Sure, you write to get your point across and hopefully educate your audience, but your writing needs to engage and subtly push readers to make a decision, even a subconscious decision…

Do I trust This Brand or Not?

If your reader gets to the bottom of your blog without even realizing it, and has been unknowingly engaged the entire time, you have won their trust.

If the reader makes it halfway through, gets bored or turned off by the formatting, it’s unlikely they’ll come back let alone buy from you.

Short Sentences

Key number one is to have short sentences. Keep it simple.

Short Paragraphs

Key number two is to have short paragraphs, often times just one sentence. Don’t run on with commas and eloquent language.

This was the toughest part for me. I like to ramble. I like to string long sentences together with multiple commas, ending up in long paragraphs.

Keep it simple.

Small Words

You never want to offend your audience by talking to them like their children. But, you’re not writing the great American novel here…

You’re writing something that needs to be consumed quickly and efficiently.

Your writing style needs to be readable by a 4th grader. Seriously.

Bold, Bullets and Headers

The formatting of your blog needs to guide the reader down the page without interruption.

Use bold highlights to bring the reader’s eyes to exactly where you want them.

Use bullet points to break up the flow.

Use headers to separate and alert readers to new ideas.


I use the ellipsis A LOT. I picked up this little trick last year from, an amazing website dedicated to…well…digital marketing.

Just as blog lettering and bullet points help guide the reader eyes to where you want them, the ellipsis trails their eyes to move down the page.

Using an ellipsis…

Like this…

Simply causes the reader to follow down the page, helping you to achieve your goal.

Grab your free Small Business Blog Template (Simple) directly from my Google Drive account. Simply click on this link to see it instantly:

In Conclusion

The greatest advice that I can give to you is to keep it simple. Of course you want to share all of your knowledge. You want to knock the socks right off of your reader with your eloquence and expertise.

But, they probably won’t get it.

Seriously, keep it simple, stupid. Whatever you’re trying to illustrate in words, do it simply. Write your blog as if you were standing right on front of someone, talking to them one-on-one.

When you’re ready to move up to the next level, let me know and we’ll talk about adding CTA’s, Lead Capture and much more!

If you’d like me to take a look at your blog and analyze what I’m seeing…perhaps give you some feedback, feel free to email me or call:

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I’d love to help you out!