Is Facebook Traffic Getting to Your Website?

You know that tracking the Return on Investment for social media, particularly Facebook, is difficult. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why you haven’t jumped in head-first…investing your marketing budget in to Social Media Marketing.

As a small business owner in Gilbert, or wherever you are in the East Valley, you need to be confident that if you put in $300 a month towards Facebook Marketing, you need it to pay for itself with consumers and revenue.

Of course, I can tell you all day that Facebook pays for itself time and time again.

I can even show you testimonials from clients gloating over the cost of Facebook Marketing services pays for itself…

Hiring Kandice and her team has been one of the best investments we’ve made in marketing our business. Plus, the sales they generate help to underwrite the cost of their services–it’s a win/win partnership and I look forward to its continued success! – Val Vista Lakes Events

But, sometimes you need to see the numbers for yourself so that you can determine, on your own accord, just how valuable Facebook Marketing can be.

Simply stated, you need to see it to believe it…

So today I’m going to show you how to track Facebook traffic through your website:

Using Google Analytics to Determine Social Media ROI

Step 1: You MUST Have a Google Analytics Account if You’re Serious About ROI!

Google Analytics is where you can see all of your website traffic. If you bring on anyone to do anything to your website, your social media pages, your blog, any type of advertising both on and off-line…you need to be able to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Yes, you can determine the effectiveness of marketing by whether your business revenue goes up or down that week, or month, but the direct impact of a marketing campaign might not be felt for a month or two later…you need to be able to see if the marketing strategies are working right now, at this very moment, to increase website traffic.

So, get yourself set up with Google Analytics. Here’s where you go to get that done:

Or you can have someone set it up for you…someone you trust…because it’s as easy as inserting one small piece of code into your website but you’ll need someone you trust to get into the backend of your website.

Step 2: Scroll to Acquisition

Once in Google Analytics, one the left-hand-side you’ll notice a menu. Scroll down this menu and find Acquisition.

How to track facebook traffic

Open ‘All Traffic’ and select ‘Channels.’

How to track facebook traffic

Step 3: Social Referrals

Once in ‘Channels’ you are given four categories and a bunch of numbers.

How to track facebook traffic

Referrals are those website visitors who are on your website because they came through another site. Referrals can be from sources like Yellow Pages, if you’re on that resource, or simply from spam. Social Media traffic can also get lumped into Referrals.

You’ve got Organic searches, which are those website visitors that come from Google, Yahoo and Bing. And then you’ve got Direct traffic…those individuals who typed in your website URL to find you.

Click on ‘Social.’


Step 4: Website Traffic from Social Media

Now you can see exactly how many people came to your website from social media accounts.

How to track facebook traffic

You can also see how they came through to your website by selecting “Landing Page” as a “Secondary Dimension.”

How to track facebook traffic

So, now you can see how many people came over from Facebook in the past month, or week, or even day. BUT, you can also see how they came over.

In this example, we can see that 190 visitors came to this client’s website from Facebook over the past week.

We can also see that the majority of them came because we posted a blog to Facebook regarding bed bugs. That bed bug blog promotion, a simple link post, drove over 150 consumers to the client’s website in one week…with $3 in advertising cost.

facebook referral traffic

Step 5: Compare Overall Traffic

Something that I like to do with clients is to show them what their traffic was before I started services compared to after we started services.

This is important for you to understand because you will absolutely have to see an increase in overall website traffic in order for you to see ROI…

Ultimately, if you’re going to continue paying someone to do your marketing, you need to see that it’s working, right?

What you want to do is head back to “Audience” and “Overview” from that menu on the left.

On the top-right you’ll see the calendar. Click on the arrow and select the dates you want to compare.

For this example, I took on a new client in the beginning of January, so we’ll compare their December traffic to what they’re getting right now:

facebook referral traffic

You want to see how well your website was doing before you started marketing, and how well it’s doing after marketing. There should be a start improvement in traffic, like this:

facebook marketing traffic

Here we can see that during the first few weeks of December, this client had around 350 website visitors. Now, during the first few weeks of January, this client has over 900 website visitors.

If you go back to the left-side menu, and go back to “Acquisition” and “Channels,” you can see where that traffic is coming from as compared to previously.

Here we can see that Facebook and Social Media Marketing doesn’t just impact social media referrals, but impacts every other source of traffic as well…

facebook marketing traffic

Sure, social media traffic from Facebook to the client website is up by over 9,000%, but Referral traffic is up 41%, Direct traffic is up and Organic traffic is up by 22%.

What does that mean? It means that Social Media Marketing has a HUGELY dramatic impact on driving traffic to your website from EVERYWHERE! Just because someone does not come to your website and make a purchase directly from Facebook, doesn’t mean they won’t remember you, search you on Google (Organic), and make a purchase from another source…as you can see by the 22% increase in Organic traffic.

In Conclusion

So, now you know how to traffic how effective Social Media Marketing can be for your website. You know how to see Facebook traffic directly, but you also know how to see how Facebook Marketing impacts the overall traffic of your website.

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