Why You Should NEVER Boost a Post on Facebook

It’s easy as 1-2-3. You update your business status on Facebook, click ‘Boost,’ and select a dollar amount…voila, you’ve just run your first Facebook Ad!

I would say congratulations, but you might have just thrown that $5, or whatever you budgeted for, right out of the window.

“But, it’s only $5, what’s the big deal?”

Well, to that I say, “It’s never only $5. Done properly, that $5 can result in 500 Likes. Done poorly, that $5 can result in 5 Likes. So, you tell me, is five-bucks really just five-bucks when it can mean the difference between 495 new Fans and 5 Fans?”

Ah, I have your attention now…

Over the past year or so, Facebook has been attempting to make it easier for business owners and page admins to run advertising on their pages. It’s become as easy as 1-2-3. Facebook does not elaborate on the complexities of running effective advertising…they want your money, so they make it easier and easier for you to spend money…

And you run advertising with no direct targeting, no real location targeting, no interest, hobby or gender targeting, in fact no real audience insights at all. You give Facebook money and hope that Facebook will show your ad to the right people…

…people who live near your brick-and-mortar business who are highly interested in buying your product or using your services.

I hate to burst your bubble, but Facebook isn’t going to target your ads for you.

If you do want to learn how to Boost a post the right way, while still maintaining the ‘easy as 1-2-3’ method, let me walk you through it…but it’ll be more like ‘easy as 1-2-3-4-5.’

How to Properly, and Easily, Boost an Ad for the Highest Effectiveness

Step 1 – Develop a Facebook Post

Your first step is to develop the post itself. The Perfect Facebook post should have compelling copy (talk to your audience just as you would if you were standing in front of them), intent (why are you posting this…do you need a call to action), and an optimized image.

Step 2 – Boost Post

The Boost Post button is located right next to Publish Post. Like I said, Facebook makes it as easy as possible to give them money.

Boosting a Facebook Post

Facebook gives you three options:

  • People Who Like Your Page (only your Fans will be targeted with this Ad)
  • People Who Like Your Page And Their Friends (self-explanatory)
  • People Who Your Choose Through Targeting (here’s where we go deep)

Truly, you have two options. People Who Like Your Page should not even be an option. Yes, you should always work on building relationships with your current audience, but you also always want to be expanding your audience.

So, your options are People Who Like Your Page and Their Friends, as well as People Who You Choose Through Targeting.

My suggestion, to get the highest Return on Your Investment, choose the last option.

Boosting a Facebook Post

Step 3 – Create Your Perfect Audience

You need to know your audience. If you expect to make a profit off of your products or services, you need to know who you’re selling to.

Boosting a Facebook Post

Start with location, which is easy enough. You can narrow it right down to Gilbert, Arizona.

Age and gender are also easy enough, but then we come to Interests. This is where you truly tell Facebook who you want to see your Advertisement.

Boosting a Facebook Post

So, if I were a veterinarian trying to reach more pet owners in Gilbert, I might target Facebook users who shop at Petco or Pet Club. Think about hobbies, magazines, tv shows, movies, department stores, non-profits, even other Facebook pages yoru target audience Likes.

Boosting a Facebook Post

Facebook will give you suggestions to use as Interests, but as you can see from this example, the suggestions are extremely broad.

Step 4 – Set Your Budget

You can literally set any budget you’d like, from $2 to $200 and so much more. My suggestion is to start small and scale up if the ad is performing well. Don’t worry, Facebook makes adding more money into the advertisement very easy.

Boosting a Facebook Post

Step 5 – Set Time Frame

You can also set the time frame. So, if you’re running a simple $2 Facebook Ad, I’d go no longer than 1 day.

How to boost a facebook post

Remember, we’re keeping it simple and effective.

Click Boost and you’re done! See, easy as 1-2-3-4-5!

Now you know how to correctly Boost a post so that you’re not throwing your money away!

If you have more questions about Boosting posts, or any other extremely complex aspect of Facebook Advertising, feel free to contact me!

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