Today I want to talk to you about the value that you (and the customer) place on your products and services.

Ultimately, we’re going to look at your prices and value

…yes I said the “P” word…

and how Facebook can positively influence both of these elements for your Arizona small business.

Just talking about cost and pricing probably sets a rock in the pit of your stomach. Consumers are highly sensitive to prices when choosing a business to work with. You are highly sensitive to prices because you’re running that business…

…and hopefully it’s a profitable one.

Facebook can influence audience perspectives on pricing:


Create Irresistible Value

Starbucks sells coffee at ridiculous prices. But you still buy it.

(Check out this crazy price hike from Starbucks in July 2015. It doesn’t seem to be hurting them:

Disneyland tickets are an enormous cost to families. But they still go.


These companies have created enormous value. They will continue to raise prices and fans will continue to give them their money.

We’re just a small, local florist (or plumber, pool company, landscaper, insert whatever business you’d like) trying to compete with the big guys. There’s no comparison to Starbucks or Disneyland.

This is where you’re wrong…

…dead wrong.

You need to start thinking bigger. Create value, and people will pay what you want them to:


Give Them a Reason

I have a framed quote in my office that reads:

Logic is not enough. Give them a reason to believe.

You know that your employees are the best because you hired them. You know that your products and/or services are unmatched, because they come from you – from passion.

So what? Seriously, if local consumers  don’t know that you think you’re the best, than it doesn’t matter.

You can provide the logic behind maintaining your plumbing system, or having the correct sprinkler system installed, or anything else, but if you cannot speak to the reasons your logic will fall on deaf ears.

You don’t tell them why you are the best, you show them.

So, you tell stories on your Facebook page. You invite your audience on the journey of a consumer whose roof was leaking, how they found the problem and how your solution solved that problem for them. You welcome your audience to join you at a wedding as you tell the story of why this couple chose these flowers to have on their big day.

You share testimonials. Don’t be afraid to let others share their story.

provide value and increase costs


You’re Not Selling to Consumers, You’re Educating Them

You create value by providing information that solves a problem. The boutique down the street might have a blog, but they don’t have your unique perspective.

Post relevant, time-sensitive information on your Facebook page. Give local consumers information that they need right at that moment.

It could be information on winter lawn seeding tips, Halloween safety tips, winter plumbing maintenance, etc.

…anything that provides value for FREE at that very moment is key.

Post answers to questions that clients are asking, on the same day they ask them.

facebook marketing gilbert arizona


How-To’s, Tutorials, Checklists and More

Give them something of value for free. You know everything there is to know about your industry. Your expertise is of value. Now it’s time to repackage some of that information for a digital medium.

Did you know that Starbucks has secret menus and ingredient information? They also have creative dessert ideas on their Pinterest page using their Starbucks products. This provides enormous free value to their audience, and makes them feel important.

How can you offer the same emotion to your audience? By providing additional insight and solutions to problems your target audience faces.

For example, create a How-To video for seeding and watering your winter lawn.

How about a PDF walking through your experience with wedding costs and money-saving tips.

Give your audience something they can’t find anywhere else, something they need as a consumer, and make it completely free.

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Bonus: Related, Must-Have Products

Here in Arizona, when the weather turns warm, sidewalks can become scorching. How valuable would it be for a veterinarian to provide dog booties at a discounted rate for her audience? This could be a huge sell for local veterinarians during the summer months, but will also create enormous value.

Another great summer idea is for AC techs to provide consumers with thermometers to gauge the true temperature inside, or out.

A plumber could provide a toilet or sink plunger to consumer as to add value.

Work out a deal with a local distributor and give your audience a reason to believe in your practice.

These items are not just products that you’re offering…

…they are proof that you care more about your clients and customers more than the guys down the street.

You’re essentially telling clients that it’s not all about the money.


In Conclusion

By building relationships with your audience, by providing enormous value in as many ways as possible beyond just the scope of a specific service or product, you will be able to price your products and services at any rate and people will pay.

They will pay because they value those products and services.