If you’ve built an engaged, impassioned collection of fans on your Facebook page, you already have a digital security blanket…


I’ve lived in Gilbert, Arizona nearly all of my life, and have built many Customer Acquisition Funnels for businesses you’ve probably used in the past. A key element in all of these success strategies, no matter the industry or size of the small business, is passionate fans.  


A business owner’s clients and fans are her greatest assets, especially when it comes to keeping marketing costs low…


I want to share with you some key elements to building a fanbase that will lower acquisition costs, but before I do that let me share with you why I think you need this information now!


On a Personal Note…

Did you know that there are over 150,000 active Gilbert Facebook users?


Did you know that Gilbert Facebook users are more likely to click on Facebook Ads and engage with brands than the general Facebook population?


What does this mean? It means that you need to be utilizing Facebook to it’s fullest potential. It also means that if you are utilizing Facebook to it’s fullest potential, you won’t have to stress about scheduling appointments or getting customers through your door – it will happen for you.


I started Linwright Design many years ago for one reason – to empower small business owners, specifically here in Gilbert, Arizona. This is my home, and you are my people.


There is a need for accurate information on the topic of digital marketing. There is a need for information that is empowering and relevant.


Where many small business owners see chaos on Facebook, I see a system for client acquisition. Where SMB’s see disorder, I see a structure for building relationships.


But I digress…


Facebook Fans and Acquisition: Your Security Blanket

The fact that nearly every fan or follower today has a high-def megaphone in their pocket — and has the power to be publisher, reviewer, cynic, detractor, or advocate — is crucial to reputation management.


Based on the data, Advocates (loyal fans) make up only 0.001% of a brand’s audience, but are responsible for nearly 30% of a brand’s earned media impressions. And increasingly, advocates are better marketers than Marketers (including you or me) — more people trust “A Person Like Yourself” (61%) than a CEO (43%), says Edelman.  – Sprinklr.com


The numbers are clear, but you don’t care about numbers, you care about results.


Here’s the deal…


Keeping customers and fans engaged on Facebook tells the social media juggernaut a few insanely important things:


  1. You are actually using Facebook. Automating your social media efforts is not the way to go. If you’re posting fresh content to your Facebook page, and engaging your audience, Facebook knows you, too, are engaged on its platform. Facebook loves that.
  2. Your fans are actually picking up what you’re throwing down…meaning when you publish a post, your fans Like, Comment and Share. When you can produce something on Facebook that gets people to use Facebook even more, they will love you for it.
  3. You are the real deal. You’re not posting once a week or sporadically when you have a few seconds of extra time. You might not be picking up new customers yet, but you are showing Facebook that you’re trying. And Facebook loves when small business owners engage, interact and actually try to utilize their platform.


So, Facebook knows that I’m trying, and struggling, to use their platform…it hasn’t helped me yet with actually growing my business.


This is where our crucial element comes into play – a loyal and engaged fan base…


How Engaged Fans Can Save You Money

Every Acquisition Funnel that I build for small businesses here in Gilbert includes Facebook Advertising. Above all other advertising mediums, Facebook offers the highest ROI for the lowest cost.
Here’s what I’m talking about…


Here we have an ad from our company VMAZ. Because we’re a local start-up, our Facebook numbers in terms of Fans are low. But, guess what, that doesn’t matter! Our audience is highly targeted and highly relevant. This specific ad ran at just $0.17 per Website Click, but it didn’t start out that way. It started out at a much different rate, but because our audience engaged with this add, resulting in hundreds of likes, comments and shares, the cost continued to drop.

Facebook Advertising Gilbert Arizona

Screenshot from FB Ads for VMAZ


And again…here we have an ad that we ran for our client EraseDisease.com. This was another blog on the website that we ran traffic to. The key element here, again, was the highly engaged audience this Facebook page has. This ad ran at just $0.13:

Facebook Advertising EXample Gilbert, Arizona

Screenshot From EraseDisease FB Ad Report


Of course, there are quite a few elements that go into running a successful, low cost Facebook Ad, but an engaged audience is a crucial element.


Plain and simple – a Facebook page with an engaged audience will run ads at a lower cost-per-click than a Facebook page with a static audience.


If your fans are engaged, they will help save you money on acquiring new customers.


How To Engage Your Audience

Now that you understand how important it is to build an engaged audience on Facebook, let’s talk about how we do this…


Empower Your Consumers

Make your consumers and fans feel empowered by providing them irresistible information that they just can’t pass up. Give them information that will solve a problem, relieve their stress, save time or money, or answer a question they might have.


Empower your consumers and fans to make decisions for themselves. They’ll thank you for it with additional respect, engagement and trust.


…some ideas for empowering your fans…


  • Creative, helpful and new ways to use products. Florists, clothing boutiques, even hardware stores, can provide information on how to use their products in new, creative, never-before-thought-of ways. Empower your fans by giving them something special that non-fans don’t know about.
  • Local news and events. If you’re a local business, you support local business. So share information about local events and pertinent news as it relates to your brand. Empower your audience with the information they need to have a great day and avoid stress.
  • News and information directly related to your new products and upcoming products.


For example, World of Beer here in Gilbert does a great job of updating their fans with what is available on draft. This might seem inconsequential, but for fans of World of Beer it empowers them to know, before anyone else, what amazing and special drafts World of Beer will have.


facebook advertising gilbert arizona


If you live in Gilbert, you know where Joe’s Real BBQ is. For an old-school string of restaurants, Joe sure understands the importance of social media. Here we a great example of empowering residents by giving them information on local events.


facebook advertising gilbert arizona


A Personal Touch

In order to build a positive relationship with a Facebook fan, you need to make it personal. Connect with your fans on their level.


  • Start taking more in-store photos.
  • Start taking more customer photos.
  • Start taking more employee photos.
  • Celebrate employee birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Celebrate customers birthdays.


You might notice a trend – more photos. Photos are easy for consumers to connect with. It’s human nature to have an instant reaction to another human face, so snap more in-store photos with happy faces!


For example, Frost here in Gilbert does an amazing job of celebrating it’s employees and customers. They really personalize their brand with this strategy:


facebook advertising gilbert arizona


The Coffee Shop at Agritopia is all about small town themes. They have no problem connecting with an extremely large audience on a very personal level:


facebook advertising gilbert arizona


Additional Value

One thing we talk about quite often with our local clients is providing additional value. As a business owner and community leader, you provide enormous value. You know your product and industry like no one else. You have your own unique perspective that’s valuable.


What I mean by providing additional value is simply this: taking the knowledge you have and packaging it in a different way for digital media.


  • Have an informational blog on your website.
  • Run a weekly Q&A with Facebook fans and clients.
  • Make a quick video explaining and walking through a specific surgery procedure.
  • Create an infographic.
  • Host a webinar on Heartgard or Valley Fever.


Here we have an example from Elements Massage here in Gilbert. They are providing value by offering insightful information on sleep positions.


facebook advertising gilbert arizona


Here’s an example from one of our clients, Val Vista Lakes Events. This brand is an expert at hosting weddings, and other events but mainly weddings. They have seen their fair share of weddings and know a thing or two about planning and holding one.


Additional value is provided through Pinterest and Facebook:


facebook advertising gilbert arizona


In Conclusion

Your audience is your greatest resource when it comes to client acquisition. Do not let that fact escape you. Keep your Facebook audience engaged, and Facebook will repay you with extremely low-cost advertising.