Disneyland was built on a dream, and an indistinguishable brand that, even in the 50’s, had an incredibly strong Fan base of passionate advocates. Its unwavering commitment to it’s own brand and it’s own message has made it the powerhouse that it is today, and has protected it from many unfavorable situations, both with Disney’s control and beyond Disney’s control.


The Power of a Brand

At this very moment, at the close of market on January 22nd, Disney’s stock is up to $95.15, which is significantly higher then it was just 3 months ago, even with the rising measles outbreak that seems to have stemmed from within Disneyland. With nearly 60 cases of the measles recorded, including 4 cases within Disney employees themselves, the brand continues to rise. In fact, according to a Disney spokesperson in a recent NPR article, park attendance has not even been affected by the outbreak.

disneyland measles and brand loyalty

And yet, with this enormous outbreak, the conversation is not about whether it’s safe to visit Disneyland – the conversation is about vaccinations. Even as every single media outlet shows a video or photo of Disneyland every single time they talk about the measles outbreak, not a single conversation has been about sanitary conditions, health conditions, overcrowding conditions, or a whole host of other negatives that could be conceived with relation to Disneyland and this outbreak. Even as every single media outlet shows Sleeping Beauty’s castle as they talk about the 59 measles cases, and counting, park attendance remains extremely high.


Disneyland Resort’s attendance numbers in Anaheim, Calif. haven’t been affected by the outbreak, Disneyland officials said. Five of Disneyland’s 27,000 or so employees have been diagnosed with the measles, park officials said; three of those have already been cleared. Employees at Disneyland have been offered free vaccinations and immunity tests. –WSJ.com


Brand Loyalty

When a brand has created such a connection with it’s audience so that nearly nothing can break that bond, “customers become deeply attached and create value to the organization far beyond repeat purchase behavior.”



The most successful brands create strong connections with their customers by consistently delivering on a credible and meaningful promise. The Walt Disney Company is one of the world’s most trusted brands because it promises to provide high-quality entertainment and experiences—and it has kept that promise time and time again. – The Disney Institute


Even the smallest of local businesses right here in the East Valley, whether it’s in Gilbert, Tempe or Phoenix, can model it’s brand practices and behaviors after the best in the business. The overall concept to cultivating brand loyalty is simple – make a brand promise that is achievable, and strive day in and day out to deliver on that promise.