For the past 4 years worked as the Social Media Director for Quaintise, a marketing and advertising firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona and Los Angeles, and let me tell you, it has been a wild ride.

From increasing brand awareness, and an extremely large amount of Fans, for some wonderful clients, to managing highly successful campaigns for local, state and nationwide clients, I have done it all as the Quaintise Social Media Director.

My time at Quaintise allowed me some great opportunities, mainly the ability to experiment with social media campaigns, particularly in advertising and custom audiences, while furthering my knowledge of ‘the business,’ working with extremely large budgets and particular clients, and, to be honest, accepting constructive criticism.

But, during those four years I neglected my business, Linwright Design, and at times even put Quaintise clients before Linwright Design clients. Genuinely, my heart has always been with Linwright Design clients. There was a time when I’d personally visit Linwright Design clients every month to hand-deliver the End of the Month reports, to sit down and review with clients, and to simply connect with the people I loved working with. I hope to return to that.

An opportunity has presented itself – and it is time to leave Quaintise and focus on Linwright Design. There comes a time when you realize that the reasons you left the 9-to-5, to create something for yourself, for your family, and for your future, have fallen by the wayside. There is a moment when it hits you, and that dream that you had for yourself and your family becomes important again – you feel inspired, renewed, rejuvenated, and light on your feet again. You see opportunity and live with optimism.

And so I rededicate myself to my clients, my business, and my dream. I rededicate myself to something that I started many years ago.