As a trend-setting, social powerhouse, as well as a publicly owned company, Facebook has many reasons to continually stay ahead of the curve, to relentlessly evolve and progress into something better. It’s one of the reasons why they’ve remained the most popular, most visited, and most sued social network for so long, when others like MySpace have fallen by the wayside. Facebook changes it’s social process almost as often as Google changes it’s algorithm, and June is keeping us on our toes.


Facebook #HashTags

On June 12, Facebook announced the launch of #Hashtags, and the social world has been buzzing about it ever since. Hashtags have been around for quite some time now, commonly used on Twitter and Instagram, and perhaps it was Facebook’s purchase of Instagram that prompted it’s inclusion on Facebook, but they are here and are everywhere.


Pros: The wonderful aspects of #Hashtags are obviously the improved Reach you’ll achieve by adding them to your Facebook posts, which can be implemented into any marketing campaign. Facebook’s integration of #Hashtags now allows businesses to launch full-scale social media campaigns across multiple platforms with the simplicity of a single #Hashtag.


Cons: Overuse is a big one with #Hashtags. Because it is so new to Facebook, it’s easy to use them incorrectly. #Hashtags need to be used cautiously, for they can easily turn wonderful intentions into scammy, negative ones. Using #Hashtags requires constant monitoring to maintain brand reputation.


Facebook Photo Comments

Just this week, Facebook announced the launch of Photo Comments, a new feature allowing Commenters the ability to post photos directly into the Comments box. As is the usual breeding ground for new Facebook ideas, Photo Comments was hatched up in one of Facebook’s employee hackathons.


Pros: From a social media marketing standpoint, business can now be more creative when joining in the conversation. Instead of a simple, boring text answer, business can utilize photos that tell a story, share and idea, or trigger a laugh. There is great potential to increase credibility and transparency with Photo Comments.


Cons: This is yet another aspect of Facebook’s changes that you’ll need to keep a constant eye on. Instead of monitoring your Facebook Comments for negative or inflammatory comments, you’ll have to monitor for inappropriate photos as well. And then there are the complications that come along with responding to an inappropriately posted photo. How do you maintain brand reputation when responding to a photo that implies one thing, but might have been posted to mean another? Things could get sticky.


Facebook Insights Update

While it has not been officially rolled or yet, a small few Facebook page administrators will be invited to test out some Facebook Insights updates, the first Insights updates since 2009. This is the update that I am most excited about as a Facebook marketer.


According to Facebook’s blog, they will be rolling out updates to the Page Insights tool to include improvements to the way we organize and report fundamental metrics. Improvements are going to made to People Talking About This, Virality, as well as improving specific post metrics including “the relationship between positive interactions (likes, comments, shares and clicks) and negative interactions (hide post, hide all posts, report as spam, unlike page).”


With so many changes happening at Facebook this month, I have no doubt that I might have missed one or two. If you know of any changes that I’ve overlooked, let me know in the comments below!


Update: Oh, here’s one that I forgot about.  A new Facebook feature allowing Business Pages to Upload photos to their URL links. This one just popped up on my pages at the end of last week, and I love it!