I received an interesting email this morning from an ‘seo professional’ on LinkedIn. The associate, who titled the email as Affordable SEO Content Writing Services, offered two distinct SEO writing packages, with some interesting details. Now, I get contacted on LinkedIn all of the time from SEO experts and firms who want to sell my SEO Company their SEO services. Ninety-nine-percent of the time, these companies are based overseas, which should ALWAYS be your ticket to the door. But let’s dive a bit farther into what this SEO associated was offering…


His Rates

I’m not going to throw him under the bus too much here, but this just has to be shared as a warning to anyone researching SEO writers.


* $450 per month

15 articles per week/60 articles per month

* $620 per month

20 articles per week/80 articles per month



Upon first glance, this seems like a pretty amazing deal, right? I mean, 60 articles a month for that price! Wow! And 80 articles a month! Really? From a Phoenix small business owner’s perspective, in terms of SEO, this is truly remarkable. You can’t beat it, right?


Well, your first red flag should be that this SEO associated resides overseas. Your second red flag should be that in his portfolio is shows no steady employment with any company longer than 6 to 8 months. Finally, the third red flag, and the one that should really get you, is the quality of these 60 to 80 blogs per month.


I replied to the LinkedIn email asking that very question, “What is the length of these blogs?” Because, in reality, this is one of the most important questions that you can ask in situation such as this. When an ‘SEO expert’ offers you a deal similar to this, do your research into their background. I implore you to ask the following questions:


  • Can you see previous blogs or work done?
  • What keywords did you use in previous blogs and how did you integrate those keywords? Keyword saturation percentages per blog?
  • What was your last content marketing campaign focused on? How was that blog associated with that marketing campaign? How did you integrate that blog into the overall marketing campaign of the client’s brand?
  • What is the normal length for blogs at your given rate?
  • Does this rate include posting, optimizing, images, links, and social sharing?


While I’m still waiting to here back from our SEO associated on the quality of his content, it’s important to keep the above questions in mind should an inquiry like this every pass your email.