It’s no secret that I love Disney. Some people call it an obsession. But there are many, many reasons why I love Disney, and their marketing efforts do play a role. Of course they do! Disney marketing plays a role in everyone’s love for the characters, the parks, the movies, and the entire brand experience. Walt Disney was a genius, a driven, tenacious, insatiable beast when it came to the Disney brand, and it still shows today. In terms of taking a look at Disney marketing from a Phoenix SEO’s perspective, I want to focus on the content marketing genius of


Content Marketing at launched just over a year ago, in January of 2012, with a strong focus on content, products, and social integration. The website was launched in association with Disney’s purchase of, and it’s acquisition of hundreds of ‘mommy bloggers’ that would now blog for

 DisneyBaby.com_Content Marketing Phoenix

“We continue to focus on building compelling new digital platforms to serve the needs of parents at every life stage, and are very excited to introduce a new destination that shows expectant and new parents how to add a little Disney magic to their growing family’s life,” said Brooke Chaffin, senior vice president, Disney Interactive Moms and Family, in a statement.


The features the genius addition of parent stories, where parents can upload images with comments. These images and comments float across the Home Page, highlighting DisneyBaby users, taking full advantage of user generated content, and making each and every visitor to the site feel like part of the family. It’s a Phoenix content marketers dream.


Blogs are not only geared to raising baby, they are expertly targeted at selling not only a product, but a brand experience – a complete way of life and Disney way of parenting. This is where the true genius comes into play, and where a Phoenix SEO and content marketer finds inspiration.

DisneyBaby.com_Content Marketing Phoenix

The website is split into moments in a baby’s life, from “on-the-go” to “dressing baby” to “play time,” “bath time,” and “baby’s firsts.” These categories are strategically formatted to include mommy blogs as well as product pitches, but crafted in such a way as to not outright ‘sell’ you. By creating content that is oriented towards these times in a baby’s life, the mommy bloggers can upload an image of their baby and a quick few paragraphs with advice on sleeping in the “in the nursery” section. Or, perhaps you are looking for some nursery ideas, so you poke around some “Montessori nurseries” or “moon nurseries” and realize that over 50% of the ideas include products that actually sells on their site. Genius!


How can you integrate these practices into your Phoenix product blogs to increase sales?