Have you ever researched “Phoenix Facebook Tips?” How about “How To Increase Engagement on Facebook?” If so, I have no doubt that you’ve come across more than a few ‘expert’ articles and blogs on creating the perfect Facebook post for your Fans. The problem is that with so many experts saying so many different things, it can be more than a little overwhelming. So, at Linwright Design, your best Phoenix SEO company, we’ve put together a list of the most important aspects of the perfect Facebook post for a Phoenix small business owner.


the perfect facebook post


Behind the Scenes

Anything and everything that you post on Facebook needs to be optimized to get you the best bang for your buck. Behind the scenes of a Phoenix Facebook Post, do the following:

  • Save the image with keywords and location information. When you have chosen an image to use in your Facebook post – an engaging, relevant image – save that image onto your computer with your targeted keywords and location, and delete the image extension as well (.png, .jpg, .jpeg).
  • When posting a link or video, you have the ability to customize the actual Title and Description directly on Facebook. Change the Title and Description to something relevant to your target audience.


Add Your URL

Many Phoenix business owners will simply toss up a Facebook Post and be done with it, not considering the small tweaks mentioned above, or the paramount detail of adding your website URL. Post your website URL with absolutely everything! Even if you’re simply posting a Happy Mother’s Day image with no direct relevance to your website, include your website URL in the post with a comment “brought to you by (insert URL.)”


Call to Action

Every single post absolutely MUST have a strong call to action! As a Phoenix small business owner myself, I cannot stress this enough. You need to give your audience some direction. Do you want them to click on a link? Do you want them to Share an image? Let them know what you want. Mix it up, be optimistic and fun, but give them direction.

While there have been many different studies conducted on this topic, one of the most compelling was directed back in 2011, and showed a 216% increase in Facebook Engagement for those posts which included a request to Like, Comment or Share the post.



As a Phoenix social media marketing professional, I am not a HUGE fan of tagging other business or Facebook Pages in your posts. If you are posting about a topic that is either directly related to the tagged business, has the tagged business actually in the photo, or if you’re sharing information from the tagged business, go ahead and utilize this Facebook feature. However, many Phoenix small business owners tend to over-utilize this feature, making themselves look lazy with their Facebook marketing. My favorite time to use it – when thanking another business for spectacular services.

Every single Facebook post absolutely needs to be carefully crafted, optimized, relevant, important, and developed using the steps stated above. They are easy steps to follow – think of optimizing behind the scenes, add your URL and include a Call to Action. Write them down, save them on your desk, look at them every time you post to your Phoenix Facebook page. Once you get into the habit of following these Facebook Post rules, you’ll notice your engagement going up, the click-through’s to your Phoenix website increasing, and your overall Facebook marketing campaign improving.

If you have any questions about developing the perfect Facebook Post, don’t hesitate to give us a call today! 480-254-0145

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