As a Phoenix small business owners, you know how important Facebook is, and you’re using it to the best of your ability, but it’s just not cutting it. Your ROI is non-existent, and you’re not only getting annoyed but you’re getting lazy. If this sounds familiar, we’ve got your cure to improving Facebook engagement by truly understanding your audience. You might think you know who your Fans are, but your engagement numbers are telling a different story. Let me show you a few tricks to better understanding your audience to that you can create better posts and increase engagement.



1. Attract the Right Fans


Getting your Facebook Page in front of the right people can mean all the difference for your overall engagement. Many Phoenix small business owners get tied up in numbers – the more Fans, the more popular and the more likely people will purchase your product or visit your website. While Facebook can work like that, in most cases it doesn’t. More Fans does NOT equal more engagement. In fact, more Fans with limited engagement can throw up red flags to Facebook and lower your Edgerank. So, my advice, avoid focusing on the number of Fans you have and start focusing on the right fans.


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2. Understand Your Insights


After you gave placed your Facebook Page link and logo everywhere, head over to your Admin panel and take a look at your Insights.  According to EdgeRank Checker, the average Virality Rate for Facebook pages was 1.86% as of March 4, 2013.  Facebook suggest to strive for one to two percent Virality Rate for your posts. How does your Virality Rate compare?


Facebook Insights is a great place to find topics that intrigue your audience – topics that keep your audience engaged. Take note of the specific topics with the highest Virality Rate, rinse and repeat.


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3. What Interests Your Audience?


A brand new feature that Facebook introduced in the past few months is Facebook Graph Search, and if you have access to it you can utilize an entire array of tools to understanding your audience better. Type “Fans of (insert your Facebook Page)” into the Graph Search Bar and you’ll be given a treasure chest of possibilities. You’ll be shown not only the Fans of your page, but their interests, Likes, hometown, activities, favorite movies, and much, much more. This feature allows you to look for trends in your audience such as types of pages they like (sports, diy, outdoors, etc). This information can help you post more relevant updates that will engage your audience on their level.


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Here at Linwright Design, we feel developing Facebook campaigns is one thing, but developing Facebook campaigns specifically targeting your audience for higher engagement and greater click-through rates is what makes the difference between a rookie marketing firm and an exceptional marketing firm. Call us for more information! 480-254-0145


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