Blogging has turned from a writer’s hobby to an informative way for readers of all types to get information from places they trust. Blogs are usually hosted as a part of a company’s or individual’s website, but some blogs are their own website. Regardless of how you host your blog, you want it to drive traffic to your site for it to be an effective marketing tool. Discover the best blogging tips from an expert SEO company in Gilbert, AZ.


Find Your Keywords

Discovering what keywords to use is a major part of driving traffic to your site. Keep an eye on popular newsfeeds and use tools like Alexa and SEOmoz to find out what people are searching for; this will give you a good idea of what topics will lead readers to your site. Once you know what keywords to use, integrate those into relevant topics for your company – for example, if people are searching for “Gilbert, AZ Weather” and you own an A/C repair company, a good topic would be “How to Cope with the Gilbert, AZ Weather When the Heat Index is High”.


Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is very important when it comes to blogging. Internet users comes from all age groups, demographics, religious backgrounds, educational backgrounds, and aren’t just one size fits all anymore. For this reason, content that one group of people may find interesting or humorous may be extremely offensive to your readers. Try to avoid controversial issues or extremely opinion driven content unless you are completely sure that’s what your audience wants; otherwise stick to a neutral tone.


Keep a Common Tone

Most blogs have several contributors and most writers have a difference in opinion about tone for blogs. Determine whether your blog needs to be set in a casual tone, professional tone, or creative tone and stick with it. What tone will work best for your company is usually related to the nature of your business – for example, law firms would need to set a professional tone, graphics companies like to keep it casual, and an artist’s blog would be more on the creative side.


Be Informative

Writing a blog is not just about words to fill up a page. Choose a theme and topics for your blog that matter; don’t just write about the same thing everyone else does! While hot topics that get people to visit your site do matter and are commonly covered by many different sources, make sure you offer information or a perspective on these issues that other blogs haven’t covered. Also, write so people want to read your blog for continued readership.