There are well over 200 factors that Google takes into account when ranking your local Gilbert website. An expert SEO must know all 200 factors, which ones are crucial, which ones are assumed, and which ones are wastes of time. Considering the fact that Google updates it’s algorithm daily, often twice daily according to many SEO sources, staying on top of these changes while still adhering to those 200 rankings factors is only the beginning of what a Gilbert SEO needs to stay on top of. Today I want to talk about Mozrank and MozTrust, and how improving these two factors can increase your overall rankings.

As owner of Linwright Design and The Gilbert SEO Studio, I’ll be the first to admit that many times my journalism background outweighs everything in SEO decision making. Being from Gilbert and graduating from ASU with that Mass Communications degree, content marketing at the local level is something that comes naturally and is something that I’m very passionate about. But there is A LOT more to Google ranking in Gilbert than creating quality content.

So let’s talk about what Mozrank and MozTrust are, and how they impact overall Domain Authority and your websites search rankings.


MozRank, created by, is a reflection of the link popularity of your website. This number is based on the number of sites linking to yours, as well as the quality of those sites. The total MozRank score is a number between 0 and 10, the average MozRank being around 3/10.

MozRank is a measure of importance; thus how important your site is on the web, very similar to Google’s PageRank.


Much like MozRank, MozTrust measures the inherent trust of websites that link to yours. For example, a link from a .gov or .edu has far great trust than a link from a .net or even a .com. This number is also measured on a 0 to 10 scale.

What’s interesting about MozTrust is that if functions like the game 6 Degrees of Separation. So, when building out links to your website, while it’s always paramount to go after high authority websites with a high MozRank number, it’s also good to go after websites with a high MozTrust number, because this will in turn affect the MozTrust of your own website.

For example,  if I link to, and happens to have some powerful links from a few .gov websites or .edu websites, some of that authoritative ‘link juice’ will be passed through the .gov website, through the website, to website. Make sense? Six Degree of Separation, right?

Domain Authority

The Domain Authority of a website shows an estimation of that site’s overall performance level in search engine rankings. Through, this is a great tool to use when researching the competition or possible link building opportunities to determine how a site got that top spot or if it’s worth building a relationship with.

Increasing Local Rankings

I came across a VERY informative article last week posted by matt @ highonseo on SEOMoz. Matt points out some of the metrics that go into increasing not only Domain Authority, but overall search rankings. You see, with the over 200 factors that go into Google’s determination of what websites will rank higher than others, there’s a lot more to SEO than simply getting quality links from authoritative sites. I’ll let Matt explain the rest…

If you ask 100 SEOs for the top 50 ranking factors, you will get back 100 completely unique lists. The fact is, we don’t know the whole story. Google can’t come out and tell us the whole algorithm because people would take advantage of that information to rank poor quality sites simply by manipulating the ranking factors and focusing on nothing else.

Here is what we know: Google tracks certain data. You should believe that Google tracks data it finds relevant and reliable. So what can you find in Analytics and with a bit of testing?

Visit duration matters. This metric tells Google that someone found your page and enjoyed it enough to stay on site longer than when they went to your competitor’s site. Duration is a sign of the page’s overall quality and usefulness.

Pages per visit matter. If a user searches for “credit card debt” and visits just one page on the #1 site then seconds later bounces back and goes to #2 where they spend 15 minutes and visit 3 pages, any guess which site Google thinks matters more to that search query?

On page factors matter. The days of putting your keyword keyword keyword on the page three keyword times are keyword thankfully over. This will rarely help you and can actually penalize your site. However, having accurate and descriptive titles that match the content of the page and the user intent of a search? That does matter!

Algorithmic and manual penalties matter. If you put that keyword fifty times on your page, as we discussed above, you will run into an algorithmic penalty. This means Google knows you have “stuffed” the page and will take a bit off your ranking. Do it repeatedly and you’ll get a much larger penalty. If a Google manual reviewer catches you doing this, or a competitor reports you for it, you may get a manual penalty. You will get a notification in your Webmasters Tools about this one and you do need to fix it or suffer a harsh penalty.

Social Share Metrics Matter. Some SEOs believe social metrics matter very little. We have tested these ourselves and found that social metrics matter “some.” If you get three retweets on your link, no, it won’t help you very much. You won’t notice a bump. Get 200 retweets on that same link, have it shared 50 times on Facebook and now it is pinned 8 times? Yes, that will affect your ranking.

Anchor text matters. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying here. Anchor text can be positive *and* negative. If you over-optimize a handful of keywords, it will be a negative effect. If you balance these, include branded anchor text across a variety of link types, it will have a positive effect.

301 redirects matter. Your competitor with the poor metrics may actually have fantastic metrics – on another site. They may have changed domains and redirected all that great SEO juice over to the new site, which looks like it has no value but is absorbing a lot of the value from the previous domain.

And the list goes on and on, and these are just the metrics and rankings factors that the expert SEO’s know about. If you’re new to Gilbert SEO and want to get your website higher in the search rankings, give us a call….there’s A LOT to talk about! 480-254-0145

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