As a journalism major, I’ve been writing about everything and anything for many, many years. I use to think blogging was simple; you grab a new Word document, a cup of coffee, and start typing. All blogs were the same; same length, same keyword saturation, same purpose; post and share. But if you’re looking to increase your local SEO rankings in Gilbert, AZ, it’s time to let go of any preconceived notions on what you think your business blog should be.



Types of Blogs

There are many types of blogs that could work very well for your business, but determining which style to use can be difficult, especially when considering the local Gilbert route and SEO. For example, a physician in Gilbert cannot write the same type of blog as a cabinet installer. They’re blogs serve different purposes, and it’s your job as the business owner to understand which works best for your site and your website rankings.


While everyone has to choose the types of blogs for their own personal style and Gilbert business category, here’s what seems to work best for Linwright Design clients: – Purpose: Informational, Authentic, Credibility, SEO – This client provides arginine supplements for cardiovascular health and wants to rank on a global level. With such a tall task, the blogs must be incredibly informational, statistically correct, medically accurate, and longer then many other clients to account for all of the information that we need to provide to authenticate our credibility. For, the blogs are as much for SEO and ranking purposes as they are for reliability purposes. We run these blogs typically three times a week at over 400-words per post.


Capital Mark – Purpose: SEO and Local Rankings, DIY Info, Call to Action – Capital Mark is a local, Gilbert cabinet, granite and flooring business located on Val Vista and Ray. Blogs for this client are short and sweet, while maintaining credibility with educational DIY info, and retaining highly targeted keywords to Gilbert. We typically post four blogs per week for this client, each at between 200 and 300 words, just enough to provide relevant information on related topics, get in our keywords, and include the contact information via NAP. We find that by keeping the blogs extremely consistent at four a week, yet short and sweet, we can provide the information needed to our readers while increasing rankings and appeasing Google.


Magic Pest Control – Purpose: SEO and Local Rankings, DIY Info, Call to Action – Here is a client that we perform many different blog elements for. We mix it up quite a bit. Throughout the month, we will go a week of posting four short blogs, then we’ll go the next week with posting three longer blogs. Of course, all of the blogs are targeted for Gilbert, AZ, and pest control keywords. In the four-blog-work-week we are sure to have strong call to actions, while maintaining relevant, DIY pest control info for our readers. We keep it short and sweet, providing great DIY info in two to three paragraphs, just enough to include what we need and keep a fresh blog many days throughout the week. On longer blog weeks, we provide in-depth DIY pest control info for our readers.



So what type of blog should you be using? It really depends on your type of business. If you’re audience is constantly looking for DIY information and asking questions, or if you need to increase your credibility with Gilbert customers, provide them with three longer blogs a week. If you’re Gilbert audience is more concerned with hiring your services rather than ‘doing it themselves,’ consider the four short blogs.


If you go with shorter blogs, post more times throughout the week. If you go with longer blogs, utilize an article style and share with everyone. Longer blogs take more time, should be highly informative, and they should be something that you’re proud to share with everyone. Shorter blogs should provide more information regarding the actual services you provide, with a bit more ‘salesy’ speech.


If this all sounds way to confusing, give me a call directly and I’ll walk you through it. Or have the experts at Linwrigth Design take over for you!


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