Face It Together only succeeds because you make it succeed. If you want to be successful with this amazing opportunity, it is in your hands to do so. It’s an opportunity where what you put in is what you will get out.

Facebook and Rankings

Google does take into account your social media presence, though how much they take that into account is still unknown. According to a 2011 Search Metrics report released by SEOMoz, social media metrics accounts for roughly 7% of Google’s overall search algorithm. With that said, SEOMoz also pointed out that social signals will be taken more and more seriously by Google in the coming years, and thus their influence in overall Google rankings could greatly increase.

Let’s combine the above facts with the announcement that Yahoo and Bing made in 2010 on how importance social signals are in their search results and rankings. Let’s also take a look at some raw data collected by SEOMoz in 2011 that seemed to find a direct correlation with Facebook Shares and Rankings. See http://www.seomoz.org/blog/facebook-twitters-influence-google-search-rankings for more info on this subject.

So, now that we know Facebook Shares, thus your Engagement numbers on Facebook, can strongly affect and improve your Google Rankings and you can understand why we want each and every member of this Facebook Group to participate fully in what we’re trying to do. In the end, it could have a very positive effect on your brand. Now, this data is based on Facebook Shares, not necessarily Likes or Comments, though we encourage those forms of Engagement as well. Which brings me to my next point….

Bookmarking and Traffic

Social Bookmarking on sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit not only increase brand awareness by spreading your links across the internet, they increase traffic and can slightly affect rankings. We want every member of the Group to utilize some form of Social Bookmarking and Share their fellow small business owner’s blog links and/or website.

Sharing blog links and/or websites on these Social Bookmarking sites will help to slowly increase traffic, send Google singles of relevance, and create backlinks to your websites (a key element in Ranking).


As an SEO who focuses on Content Marketing, I cannot stress this enough; you must have fresh content on your website. If done properly and posted in the right places, a blog will literally alert Google that you have updated something on your website, and Google will send out it’s little spiders to see what’s new. You want Google to come to your site. The more Google comes to your site, the better chance you have of Ranking. So get to blogging!

We would like Group members to get at least one blog per week up on their website. I know it’s difficult to commit to writing every week, many people cannot force themselves to make this happen, but if you want to be successful within this Group and take advantage of all that it offers, you much make the attempt to blog and to comment on fellow small business owner blogs.


We are a team in this. Every one of the members of this Group depends on the rest of the Group. From Blogging to Sharing and everything in between, we do this Together.