This is what I like to call The Pinterest Effect, or the Pinterest Spike. I’ve been doing a bit of toying around with marketing on Pinterest for my local clients, experimenting with different image ideas and blog topics. As most who are new to Pinterest, I began with simple images that I routinely post within articles for clients. The images would receive a few clicks here and there, especially my wedding client, but nothing too impressive. Then I moved onto ‘branded images’ with business logo’s and article titles, and still saw not much of an increase in overall referral traffic from Pinterest.


Last week I read an interesting blog post from SEOMoz regarding something called the “instructographics.” So, I decided to give it a try. I took a DIY kitchen article that we created for a local Gilbert SEO client, and created one of these “instructographics” with some easy-to-follow steps, the title of the article and the client’s logo. Check out the results below:

The Pinterest Effect


This is what I call The Pinterest Spike, where one simple image from one DIY article drove a huge amount of traffic to my local client’s website. As you can see, traffic for this client remains pretty consistent, as we’ve only been doing SEO for them for a few months. But this spike that you see around March 22 is a direct result of one Pinterest post, a “instructographic” with simple DIY steps to kitchen storage that I created with PowerPoint.