According to Mashable, Pinterest is the single fastest growing website on the internet. Web Pro News shows a 2,702% increase in Pinterest growth since last May. Even more remarkable is the fact that Pinterest has become more effective in terms of website referrals than Twitter, now second only to Facebook. Pinterest referrals are greater than Youtube, LinkedIn and Google Plus combined. So, as a Gilbert small business owner how can you use Pinterest for your social media marketing efforts? Is it just another social media come-and-go trend that will fail? Only time will tell, but in the meantime you absolutely need to take advantage of what is happening on Pinterest, and here’s why…



Pinterest Demographics

Yes, Pinterest caters more to women than men, 68.2% more women than men, but women are the financial decision makers in the home, are online far more often than me, and are the perfect demographic to hit no matter what industry you’re in.

pinterest demographics infographic

From Mashable


Sidebar: according to a recent Prudential Financial study, research concluded that “95% of women are either making or influencing the big financial decisions in their households.”


Fifty-percent of Pinterest users have kids, and 100% of Pinterest users make an annual income of over $100,000. This is far greater than the annual income of Facebook users, which lands at between $25,000 and $49,999. That alone should catch your attention.


Let’s break this down; Pinterest users are female (household decision makers), with kids, making over $100,000 a year (lots of room for product sales).


Pinterest User Behavior

Besides the amazing opportunities regarding Pinterest demographics, Gilbert small business owners should also be aware of how users behave on Pinterest. I’ve already mentioned the number one reason that you should be on Pinterest; referral stats. Referral numbers are those which show how many visitors are coming to you website from another site, a referral. While organic search results are the most important aspect of Gilbert small business SEO, referral numbers are also crucial to look at.


In January, Pinterest drove approximately 3.6% of all referral traffic to websites. As mentioned, this is more than Youtube, LinkedIn and Google Plus combined. It is still a far reach from Facebook’s 26% referral traffic, but with 11.7 million UNIQUE website visitors in January, a history-making statistic, these referral statistics are sure to rise.


Pinterest users spend more time on Pinterest than any other social media site, including Facebook. Pinterest users spend approximately 15.8 minutes at a time on this social media site. Facebook users only spend 12.3 minutes. What does that mean for your marketing efforts? Far more opportunity for product sales and brand growth.


Why You Need To Be on Pinterest

I’ll get to the details of how you can effectively use Pinterest for your social media marketing efforts another day. For today, let’s sum up why you need to be on Pinterest immediately:


  • Web Traffic Referrals: any additional way that you can drive traffic to your website, targeted traffic, is a plus and something you absolutely take advantage of.
  • Demographics: while guys might not want to admit it, women are statistically the decision makers in the home, especially in terms of finances.
  • History Making Growth: whether this social medium lasts, or whether it’s a come-and-go trend doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it is the fastest growing website on the web, and that means unlimited opportunities.