How Do You Know These SEO Strategies Will Work?

During my time as an SEO strategist, I’ve seen a lot in terms of what search tactics work, and what search tactics will literally get you blacklisted from Google. I’ve seen it all. If you’re interested in getting blacklisted, I can definitely show you how to do it in no time. If you’re looking to rank on Google, I’ve got you covered.


Through the years I’ve developed a list of techniques that have proven to work again and again. They’ve been practiced, applied repeatedly, and have produced results that clients are looking for. Take, for example, The Pain Center of Arizona, which has a conversion rate of 12%. What does this mean? Out of the 6,000 users that visit this website, an amazing 12% of them Contact the company. Or take Thorpe Surgical, who came to me with only 90 visitors a month. Today they are getting nearly 1,000 local visitors looking for dental work.


I know these SEO Strategies will work because they do, plain and simple.


Are They Secret SEO Strategies That Only “Techy” People Will Understand?

Yes and no. These strategies took me many years to not only understand fully, but implement properly. However, because I believe that you get what you give, I have broken down these strategies into increments that are easily actionable by those who don’t understand how the internet works. For the purpose of this SEO Success Series, I will walk you through the steps and you can move on without fully understanding them. However, if you choose to understand fully why you are using these techniques, I will offer those benefits free of charge as well.


Are There Different SEO Strategies That Might Work For Different Websites?


Every SEO expert has their own set of ‘secret’ SEO strategies that they consider to be ‘money makers.’ Not only do they each have their own SEO strategies, they all believe their strategies are the only ones that you should be using. And while I might be completely biased towards my personal SEO Strategies, the answer to the question is yes; there are literally hundreds of different SEO strategies that might work better for different websites. I specialize in local, small businesses as well as medical marketing. For these two industries, the SEO strategies that I use have been proven highly successful.


How Much Time Does This Process Take?

In reality, every site is different. Recently I took on a new client for some local search marketing that saw positive movement within 40 days. However, a while back I took on a client who had a previous SEO ‘expert’ who used only black hat techniques, and we are going on 6 months with little movement. Every site is different, however I tell each and every client that if we don’t see some type of movement within 90 days we should revaluate our techniques.


In terms of the amount of time spent on SEO strategies, it’s about consistency. If you can literally spend 30 minutes to an hour each and every day performing targeted, effective and precise strategies, you will get your site to rank on Google.