Patience is a virtue, and in terms of Arizona SEO, patience speaks volumes. As the owner of an SEO company, I’ve been guilty of making rookie mistakes, feeling pressured by clients to produce quick results. But quick SEO is much like quicksand; once you step into the center you’re in big trouble.

In my experience, most Arizona small business owners want results and they want them now. It’s difficult in the beginning to pay for SEO only to have to wait for results. But it’s the rush to the top that ultimately leads to Black Hat techniques.

When SEO is done with consistency, precision and patience it’s a true art form. When it’s rushed, it becomes messy, sticky, and gluttonous. Marketing to Google will never produce instant results simply due to the fact that you must earn Google’s trust. Like anything else, trust is earned through hard work, reliability, and an aspect of time.

How Long Will It Take My Site To Rank on Google

This is the question, the one that every single client will ask. In the beginning, I didn’t know what to say. As an SEO rookie, you don’t want to give false hopes, but you also don’t want to lose clients, so I’d say three months. I figured three months was a good, round number that would give me time to produce some kind of results.

Today, I still give that time frame, but it comes with a few strings. How long has the site been live? What has been done in terms of SEO in the past? How is the site structure? Is it a WordPress Website? What does the competition look like? What keywords are you targeting?

These are the strings. These are the questions that will allow me to estimate a timeline for SEO success. If the site is brand new, was built by Linwright Design on WordPress, has a solid site structure and has never been ‘tampered’ with by another SEO, I can assume this site will generate positive results within three months, perhaps sooner. That’s a plain and simple fact, proven by years of SEO experience. The website probably won’t rank in the top position right away, but it will show signs of positive motion and movement in the right direction, and you will be getting traffic.

Yet, if these ‘strings’ are answered with negatives, such as it’s an older site that has implemented some Black Hat techniques in the past, is not built on WordPress or has been flagged by Google, you are looking at a far greater timeline for results.

There are many factors that are associated with Google rankings, so timelines differ for each and every client. If you’re interested in learning more about setting a timeline for your website to rank on Google, contact us today. We’ll start with a site audit, lay out a marketing plan, and give you a fairly accurate timeline.