Integrating trending topics and keywords into your daily blogging routine, without jumping too far outside of your industry, is key to keeping your audience on its toes. As a content marketer, you might want to take a topic local to Phoenix, or a trending topic that is affecting the nation, or the world for that matter, and translate it into something that relates to your industry. There truly are a billion different ways to utilize the power of trending topics, but for the purposes of this article we’ll narrow it down to just three simple steps.

1. Determining What The Topic Will Be –  By listening to your target audience, following Trending Topics on Twitter, and noticing what is “Likable” on Facebook, as well as what the news is talking about, you’ll start to gain an understanding of trending topics. As we’ve mentioned before, they are the topics that everyone is talking about, and wants to know more about. The key is to find something that you can translate into your own industry.

Case Study: A few years ago one of the boat captain’s from Discovery Channel’s The Biggest Catch passed away. If I remember correctly he had a stroke, and then had some heart complications soon after the stroke. One of our clients at the time was in the business of medicine, concierge medicine to be exact, and we needed something to drive traffic. Preventative medicine, health screenings and physical exams were the focus of our topics for that month of SEO, and so when The Deadliest Catch and this boat captain became a Trending Topic on Twitter and Facebook, we decided to include Captain Phil Harris, his heart problems, and the importance of preventative medicine into our discussions. By taking a Trending Topic and making it relevant to our client’s industry we generated A LOT of traffic, we jumped right into conversations on the topic, we engaged our audience in this trending discussion, and we increase brand awareness for our client.

2. Integrating the Topic into your Discussions — Once you’ve realized that there is a Trending Topic that can be tweaked for you industry blog and social media campaign, you have to understand how to integrate that topic without being over the top. The CDC recently did this seamlessly by integrating a Trending conversation about Zombies and the End of Days into their Preparedness discussions. It’s important to remember to keep the focus on your industry, your brand and your keywords. The topic might be Preparedness, in the CDC’s case, which is a topic that they would normally cover. Or the topic might be preventative health, in our client’s case, which is a topic that this client would normally cover anyways.

3. How To Promote – Finally, knowing how to promote your blog and jump into conversations already happening about this Trending Topic is paramount. Noticing the potential behind a Trending Topic is step one, determining how you can tweak the topic and integrate it into your brand is step two, and jumping into the Trending Topic discussions is step three. Monitor the conversations that are happening in real-time and jump in, always adding a link back to your blog. Don’t ‘sell the link’ back to your blog, but provide it as an additional resource where people can find more information on the topic.

Many Arizona business owners don’t like the idea of tweaking Trending Topics to generate traffic, because though you will see a spike in site traffic you will also see a spike in the site Bounce Rate. This is true, but you can look at it one of two ways: you don’t want untargeted traffic because it is a waste of time and not one of those visitors are going to contact you, or you want all the traffic that you can get and even if the bounce rate goes up for that one week, so does your traffic which ultimately increases your brand awareness. It only takes one new client to make up for that peak in the bounce rate. You decide.