Turning trending topics into relevant business blogs is an art form known to many in the world of content marketing. Many Arizona SEO’s will tell you how important it is to be creative and engaging with your writing, while at the same time remaining relevant to your business brand and incorporating appropriate keywords. Sounds pretty daunting, no?

As we mentioned yesterday, the CDC gave us a great example of that exact SEO tactic; thinking creatively while remaining relevant to their overall business brand. Sure, it might have been a little over the top to write a How To Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse, but in content marketing and SEO, it was a genius idea. So genius that it crashed their servers, it crashed their cached page, it made headlines, and it generated a lot of conversation.

What are Trending Topics?

Many years ago the word ‘trend’ meant perhaps a clothing line, a fashion statement, maybe an advertising platform or home building style. Today, however, in our world of constant motion, fluidity and social media, trending topics are pure gold.

Trending topics are the theme, focus, or subject matter of current, real-time conversations on blogs, in news articles, on Twitter and Facebook, and in social bookmarking sites. Trending topics are constantly changing, somewhat predictable, and always keeping SEO’s on their toes.

Why Are Trending Topics Important?

Trending topics are insanely important to SEO’s and content marketers because they are like a road map to an audience. If you can jump into a conversation on Facebook or Twitter that is trending, or create a blog or pertinent social update regarding that trending topic, you can interact on a whole new level with your audience.

SEO’s are always keeping an eye on trending topics, because if people are talking about them, they are also listening to conversations and brands who are talking about them, reading blogs that are dealing with them, and watching videos that deal with that specific topic. If people are engaging in conversation about a trending topic, they are also taking in information like a sponge, which leaves the door wide open for your business brand to step in.

Trending topics are those issues that right at that moment, in real-time, everyone wants to know more about. This is every businesses opportunity to provide the information that people are looking for. If you can become that source of information, through your Facebook, Twitter, or blog page, you can increase your web presence, increase your traffic, and, if done correctly, even increase your overall credibility. This is why trending topics are so crucial to Arizona SEO’s.