Thinking outside of the box and translating trending topics and events into tangible campaigns is difficult for many of our clients who have lived in the corporate world for so long. Thinking creatively to drive traffic is a key aspect of Arizona search engine marketing, however, understanding how to do it professionally while still being imaginative can be a daunting task.

With that said, I bring you the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a government organization that has been increasing its online presence, social interactions, and usability over the past year to create deeper and greater connections with their audience. With a website facelift, some new marketing tactics, and a whole new approach to generating traffic, their new campaign is still a surprise to many.CDC Zombie Apocalyps

Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse is the CDC’s newest venture into content marketing. This is genius! Being that they provide Preparedness information on every health and disaster topic in the book, literally, it seems fitting that they’d take advantage of some trending issues right now and focus on the Apocalypse, which supposedly is Saturday, May 21, and Zombies, which seems to be a very popular theme at the moment.

Zombie preparedness is the brainchild, so to speak, of communications staff who noticed that traffic took off when zombies were mentioned during one of its Twitter sessions on Japan and radiation, says Dave Daigle, a CDC spokesperson who led the new campaign, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Honestly, this is one of the most genius and out of the box ideas that I’ve ever seen come from such a rigid organization known for sticking the facts, the research, and scientific evidence. While there’s no scientific evidence for the Apocalypse or Zombies coming to eat our brains, it made it onto the CDC’s website, even onto their featured content on the Home Page. Did I mention how genius this was yet?

According to The Wall Street Journal, this marvelous marketing tactic has crashed the site upon its release, crashed the cached version, and has exploded their social accounts and overall online presence. This marketing tactic, using trending topics and translating them into tangible content relating to their industry, in this case Preparedness for disasters and health epidemics, is one of the greatest ways to increase web presence, generate conversations, augment web traffic, and create an amazing ‘buzz.’

Congrats to that CDC staff members who “noticed the traffic” spike related to zombies, and a huge congrats to the CDC for allowing their marketing team to run with this very out of the box idea.

See the CDC’s advice for the Zombie Apocalypse –