When you provide full SEO services to a website, you become so connected with that brand. You can’t help it. Day in and day out you are on Twitter monitoring conversations about the brand, keeping an eye on industry related keywords, and joining in dialogue. It becomes a part of you.

If you’re Arizona SEO can’t look you in the eye and say this, they are not doing their job. Search Engine Marketing involves a great degree of understanding your target audience, and in order to understand that audience you have to engage in it on all levels. Sitting back and monitoring what the Twitterverse is talking about won’t get the job done, you have to jump in and join the conversation. Ask questions, maintain relationships, gain empathy for their feelings, wants and desires.

Case Study

One of my favorite clients is in the business of pain management. They offer amazing services that literally change lives. Over the years, I’ve become completely biased towards their services, which some might say hinders my performance as an SEO. However, at Linwright Design, we feel that if you can’t truly connect to your brand and understand the audience, you will never be as successful as you could be.

A few months back this client increased their services with Linwright Design, which meant I spent far more time understanding the brand and the audience. I’ve talked to other pain management experts, bloggers, mom’s living with chronic pain, daughters of those living with chronic pain; some truly amazing people. This is my client’s audience, the audience that we have to understand in order to reach.

But, Why?

Why is it so important to forge connections and understand your audience? SEO’s come from all different backgrounds. Many are extremely technical, seeking out only the quantitative methods and results, while others are more emotional, seeking out qualitative methods, and then there are those that utilize both strategies. At Linwright Design, though we implement both technical and sentiment strategies, what we truly love to do is connect.

By connecting with my client’s audience, we discovered an entire niche that no one knew existed within the pain community. We have learned the language of those living and tweeting about chronic pain, recognized the emotion within their blogs, and empathized. Quantitatively, this is huge simply because by understanding and connecting with them we’ve been ReTweeted, RePosted, Shared, Liked, and Mentioned a hundred times over.