Understanding Google’s Obsession with Links

In a phone conversation just yesterday I spoke with a brand new client about Arizona SEO, Google and building links. He mentioned Trust, and how Pagerank doesn’t matter anymore, it’s all about how much trust Google has in a website. He’s right, to an extent, but PageRank and Page Authority still make their mark in Google’s playbook.


PageRank is a numerical value assigned to every single website on the internet that Google has crawled. It’s a measurement of how important that page is, how much authority that page has, and how trustworthy that website is. Developed by Larry Page back in the late 90’s, PageRank was a ‘basis for all of Google’s web search tools.’

Today, many Pheonix SEO’s and web developers will tell you that PageRank is meaningless for marketing. The number is inaccurate, manipulated by spammers, and not a source for building links. I tend to disagree with them on this. Arizona small business owners still pay a pretty penny for high PageRank links because, though out in the open SEO’s say it’s an inaccurate way to build links, behind the scenes it’s still a popular strategy.

Page Trust

Trust is built and broken down between Google and websites every second of every day. Google ‘spiders’ crawl billions of sites every billionth of a second, follow the links within that site to other sites, detect keywords and quality content, and much, much more. Over time, as Google visits your website again and again and notices that your White Hat SEO efforts are clean and precise, and that your brand is growing through links on other websites, and you’re providing quality, relevant information, Google will begin to trust your website more and more.

The best way to build trust with Google, which will ultimately increase your overall rankings, is to remain consistent in your White Hat SEO techniques, maintain fresh and relevant content on your site, continue to use proper grammar and have few misspellings and coding errors, and remain completely transparent to your visitors.

Page Authority

The term Page Authority is a fairly new one in the world of SEO, however the concept is very familiar. Page authority is basically the metric to determine how a website is most likely going to rank on Google. According to SEOMoz, it is based off of an enormous web index that includes link counts, PageRank, Page Trust, and much more, and compares those results to other indexed websites. Page authority is based on the relationship that one website within a given industry has to competing websites within that industry or for that specific keyword.

Each of these three aspects of how a website ‘looks’ to Google will influence how it will rank, and how an SEO will target for link building. Google will give a website far more credit for building links with one webpage that ranks high in the above categories over a hundred webpages that have no Page Trust or Authority.

Knowing which webpages to target for link building, which ones will give you the most bang for your buck, is crucial to effective link building. The more links that you have from high authority sites, the greater chance you have of ranking well in Google search results.