A few days ago I had the pleasure of doing a great little business presentation to the members of my Monday Morning Gilbert Small Business Alliance Meeting. We have small business owners from all walks of life, in all industries, and so determining the best way to convey and relate SEO was a challenge for me. Many times I try to relate building a web presence to building a house. I don’t know much about building a home, although I am addicted to Reality Renovations on the DIY Network, but comparing home development to web development seems to be a pretty successful way to relate SEO to clients.

The Framing

Framing a home is much like framing a website. In home development you have the Frame and Home Foundation, in web development you have the Programming or Coding.  Both of these aspects of development include creating a strong base and a sturdy casing to support the entirety of absolutely everything that’s going to come after it. In web development, every faction of the website, from the content to navigation and images, rests within this frame casing. If the framing is not sturdy, built with the proper technique, the whole thing can come crumbling down.

Wires and Piping

Like I said, I don’t know much about building a home, but I do know that as a lay person you don’t want to take on the task of wiring your home for electricity, and piping it for plumbing, without an expert on hand. Web development is no different. Understanding which colored wires go where, which size pipes should go to each room, is no different than understanding where to place a hashmark, a period, or an semicolon in programming a website. If just one of these miniscule pieces is out of place, the entire website suffers.

The Inspection

Finally, after all of the hard work, it’s time for the inspection, maybe some approvals for more work to be done on the house. As with any home development, where you need professional approvals for city permits, web development follows right along. Google, Bing and Yahoo are your website inspectors, and if they don’t approve of the hard work done on the site, they will not rank you in their search engines.

The Sell

When it comes to selling a home, staging the scene is one thing, having a home that functional and built with common sense can make, or break, the sale. Building a website is no different. You can stage the site all you want with wonderful pictures and some nice content, but if there is no ‘usability’ and functionality for the web visitors, you won’t make the sale.

Everything in web development, as with home development, begins with a strong foundation and framing, built to support the rest of the house and site for many years to come.