The holidays, an SEO’s worst nightmare, unless of course, their clients sell a hot product or happen to be a Christmas tree sales business. The holidays are awful for one reason; people don’t really care about much other than shopping, traveling, and food during this time of year. If you happen to be in charge of web marketing for a client in one of those fields, than you’re probably sitting back and letting the numbers roll in. If you aren’t managing a campaign in one of those fields, then you’re probably struggling to attract seo campaigns

Even the best of the best in the SEO world have trouble during the holidays if they aren’t able to provide targeted holiday specials to attract visitors. But there are a few tips that you can follow to stay one step ahead of the game this time of year:

  1. Think way outside of the box when writing blogs. In November and December, online visitors are thinking Food, Shopping, and Travel, so these are the areas that you should be researching to drive traffic.
    1. For example, Linwright Design, LLC maintains a content development campaign for The Pain Center of Arizona. During the holidays we focus on holiday stress relief, holiday travel precautions, and the right foods to eat to help with chronic pain.
    2. Linwright Design, LLC also maintains a social marketing and content branding campaign for a local optometrist. While optometry doesn’t come to mind when internet users are looking for Christmas ideas, but things like ski goggles and trending sunglasses combined with keywords like ‘Christmas presents’ is a great way to divert some traffic to our website, and hopefully get traffic into the offices to purchase products.
  2. Think holiday specials. Right now, keywords that entice click-throughs make a huge difference in traffic numbers. If you can provide a special to your Facebook and Twitter friends for the holiday season only, it might persuade them to take advantage of the offer before it runs out. Everyone is still in the Black Friday mood, and this is the time of year to capitalize on hungry shoppers looking for the best deals by creating holiday specials with strict deadlines.
  3. Charity events and donations. The most important aspect of the holiday season is getting involved in your community. While people are searching for food recipes, travel arrangements and Christmas presents online, they are also interested in getting into the spirit of giving during the holidays. Be a leader in your community and start a charity event, host a toy drive, or adopt a family to provide for. Promote your charity work on your website, create an event on Facebook, and let people know on Twitter. Don’t forget to post pictures and tell stories about the work in your blogs. This will not only spread your brand around town, it will establish you as a company that cares about its local community, and it will get people looking at your business.
    1. For example, Linwright Design, LLC maintains an SEO campaign for Val Vista Lakes here in Gilbert. Right now they have a few different charity events going on, which works wonderfully for getting people involved with this companies holiday mission. It also gets people talking on Facebook and Twitter, and since Linwright Design writes multiple blogs about the charity work, it drives traffic to the website as well.


It’s a rough time of the year for many websites and SEO experts, but if you can think outside of the box and tweak the holidays to your advantage, you can keep your numbers relatively high. If you have any questions about holiday campaigns, or need help running an SEO campaign throughout the year, contact us today.