Content creation, content branding, and brand distribution, all also known as blogging, is so much more then getting words out there. Blogging is a wonder of SEO. It serves more purposes then any business owner could ever imagine, and no business owner should create an SEO campaign without it.

What is a blog? In the world of SEO, a blog is many things. For those who think a blog is a few paragraphs strung together to sell a product, it is wasted opportunity.

A blog is creatively designed content which has been business branded, keyword researched, able to peak interest to promote sharing, is targeted for specific audiences, and is always on trending topics. It’s an piece of artwork, that, if crafted to perfection, will do 99% of your SEO work for you.

A perfectly designed blog should generate traffic from social networks, act as link bait to increase your overall backlinks, and establish you as an expert in your field. If well crafted blog can also be tweaked ever so slightly to be submitted to article sites such as Ezine and Buzzle.

Even the best of the best in the world of branded content and SEO have written few perfectly crafted and syndicated blogs.