Providing value and quality in your web content should be the most important task you undertake on the internet this year. That’s what the experts are saying, and it’s what I’ve been saying for some time now.


Being earnest, or sincere, in your efforts to provide content to you customers is perhaps your most important task. Until recent years, your “content” was advertisements, flyers, coupons and other promotional materials. Outstanding content today requires a new mindset and intent. You’re not selling your customers with your content, be it that from a blog, an email newsletter or a posting on a social network, but instead you are providing them with value.

 – Social Media Today


Just over a year ago (which shows you how quickly this has become a big marketing tool), I had a conversation with a client about getting some quality content on their website. I told her that she needed to put content that provides information of value on her website, and if that means including links to other helpful sites or ‘how-to’s’ so that visitors can learn how to do certain things, then that’s what had to be done. In order to gain trust, gain traffic, and gain conversions and customers, you have to give them something to get something in return.


Needless to say, she hated the idea and didn’t want to give away any ‘free’ information. Everything that was of value on her site had to be paid for, and it hurt her in the long run. This is not the way to market your site. Banners, advertisements, and sales chatter is probably one of the worst things that you can do for your site.


Sure, on your landing page or home page you can run your sales pitch, but you have also got to provide content of value to your clients. Just a few months ago I was working for a debt settlement company, helping them to market their websites. It was all sales, all advertising, and all boring chatter. It meant nothing to the visitors because they could get nothing out of it.


Through experience, I found that the sites that brought in the most traffic, and thus the most potential for customer conversions, were the ones that provided the most value. The sites with a blog or frequent content updates that helped visitors find questions to their answers got the most hits. The sites that provided value and information on debt issues brought in the most visitors, and it’s all about the numbers. The more visitors you have, the more possibilities you have for customer conversions.


Gone are the days of advertising chatter on your website. You will no longer get the traffic and conversions that you want if you only try to ‘sell’ them. These days, blatant advertising doesn’t work. You need referrals, branding on social media, and you need to provide something to get something. By providing information of value, you will get conversions in return.