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In 2009, I took over Digital Marketing efforts for Val Vista Lakes wedding events.

They were one of my first clients, and have remained one of my dearest clients.

In the beginning, marketing consisted of a basic blog and occasional Facebook Posts.

Today, Val Vista Lakes has the single, most popular wedding venue Facebook Page…

and a thriving Pinterest presence. Since 2008, business has more than doubled…

Facebook Fans: 983% Increase

Daily Pinterest Impressions: 4000% Increase

Monthly Website Traffic: 275% Increase

The current ad (seen to the right) is running with a Relevance of 8/10 for just $0.22 Per Website Click.

Beachfront weddings in Arizona…make your wedding day unforgettable at a venue like no other.

Posted by Val Vista Lakes Events on Friday, October 16, 2015

In the middle of 2014, I took over Facebook Marketing for Lifecare Animal Hospital.

In the beginning, I simply posted a few times a week to the Facebook account and let the client, and the audience, guide the path. In 2015, Dr. Glenn let me talk her into $40 of Facebook Advertising per month.

That’s when everything changed! In 2015, Lifecare grew dramatically…

Facebook Fans: 140% Increase

Facebook Reach: 900% Increase

Wait, I’ve saved the greatest statistic for last…

In September, 2015, Lifecare Animal Hospital had become so successful, so busy with new clients, they hired new staff and a new VETERINARIAN!


In 2015, I took over Digital Marketing efforts for Magic Pest Control. Actually, they were with me back in 2012, and after making some business tweaks, came back in 2015.

In April of 2015, their website traffic was: 1,102 monthly visitors

After two months of Linwright services, July traffic was: 2,069 monthly visitors

That is a traffic increase of 82% over just two months!

Before I came onto the scene, Magic Pest was running Facebook Ads at: nearly $3 per Page Like

By June I had FB Ads running at: $0.22 per Website Click

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